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Guest Posting or Article Marketing is important for those who want to gain visibility with their site.

It is a strategy that involves the creation of guest posts to be published on other sites or blogs.

It is useful to increase the number of backlinks. This method makes the site much more authoritative to eyes of search engines like Google.

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To obtain excellent results it is necessary to create an effective guest post, but first let me define it and try to better understand its use.

Guest post is a promotional tool for a blog, a site or a brand.

It is an article that is published on a site by another person who agrees to have a text that deals with his own theme as an external contributor.

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The publication of the guest post serves to reach a different audience.

It’s especially useful for those who have recently opened a blog and want to get a good ranking on Google.

We have several hundred websites available. They are divided by theme, country, Domain Authority and Page Authority.

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All sites have a good Domain Authority rating and are well indexed on Google. The Domain Authority is based on a scale of values ​​between 0 and 100 as Page authority.

It takes into account over 40 signals. Some of our sites are on Google News and therefore they enjoy excellent visibility and a good Trust.

Our native writers create quality content, with images, outbound links and proper formatting. We keep direct contcats with the website’s owners. No third parties are involved.

These are some of our editorial categories:

Automotive, Business & Finance, Cryptocurrency, Education, Family & Parenting, Food & Drink, Gaming, General: Multi-Niche, Government & Politics, Health, Home & Architecture, Pets, Podcasts, Premium Websites, SEO & Digital Marketing, Technology, Travel, Visual Arts & Design, Web Design & Development, Weddings.

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FAQs to better understand our offer

FAQs to better understand our offer


1) What type of websites do you have?
Our Platform have access all kinds of sites such as Blogs, Magazines, Forums, Educationals, and many other.

2) Is it your platform safe regarding publishing guest posts and backlinks?
Yes, We are totally safe and we use white hat techniques only.

3) How do I get my customized guest post from your service?
To receive your guest post, simply fill out the request form at the bottom of this page with key details like topic, desired site metrics (like Domain Authority), and any specific requirements. We’ll then provide a personalized quote.

4) How long will be the live guest on website publisher?
We guarantee links remain permanently live.

5) How many guest posts can I order for one site?
Well, there is no limit. You can post as many guests as you want, according with your strategies.

6) What methods do you use to buy guest posting?
We currently accept all the major credit cards, as Visa, MasterCard and American Express circuits.

7) Do you provide article?
If you need article our team will write it for you. We can provide article according to the publisher’s guide lines.
We normally charge $45 for a 600 words article, SEO oriented.

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We understand that every guest posting requirement is unique, and as such, our pricing structure is tailored to meet these diverse needs. The cost of a guest post can vary significantly based on several key factors. These include:

The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the Publishing Site: Higher authority sites typically command a higher price due to their greater impact on SEO.

Website Traffic and Audience Reach: Sites with higher traffic or a more targeted audience may have different pricing.

Content Complexity and Length: Longer and more complex articles, especially those requiring in-depth research or technical expertise, can affect the cost.

Niche Specificity: Some niches, like technology, finance, or healthcare, might have different pricing due to specialized content requirements.

Urgency and Turnaround Time: Requests with a tight deadline may incur additional charges.

Additional Services: Services like SEO optimization, the inclusion of multimedia elements (images, videos), and extensive revisions can influence the price.

Number of Backlinks: The number and quality of backlinks included in the post can also factor into the pricing.

Given these variables, we encourage you to USE THE FORM BELOW to submit your request with as much detail as possible. This will enable us to provide you with a more accurate and customized quote, ensuring that we meet your specific guest posting needs effectively and efficiently.

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