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In general, online marketing contents are divided


In general, online marketing contents are divided into four types: video, text, link, and images. According to research, the animation video is the most popular content which has most visits. Thus, if you are asking if the video is great for marketing strategy; the answer is definitely yes. The main goal for every marketing purpose is to appear in the first rank of the search engine to get broader audiences. Optimizing the website content means that you are trying to be as best as possible to achieve good rank and appear in the top page of search engine.

Besides good quality text or content, high-quality pictures; animation video can also a great way to enhance the website performance. People tend to choose video content over the other since it’s more entertaining. If you are interested in video making especially animation video, make sure to read this text.

Why does video matter for SEO?

The fact that video is good for SEO and affect search ranking makes people frequently asks why and how it makes significant differences for a website. According to research by Forrester, website with video has higher possibility by 53 times to appear on the first page of search engine compared to the text-only website. It is true that search engine indeed put a website with video in a higher rank and put it in the search result. You surely often experience if you are searching for something and then appear plenty of videos from YouTube or other websites with videos. Moreover, videos indeed give you inbound links which are the links that come to your website. This inbound links somehow help increase the website rank. Informative videos for the audience will definitely build the inbound links and increase the website rank in the search engine. Most people find the video as an engaging content which comes with sounds. It is more than just boring text page and video keeps them on watching and make the audience entertained.

Why should animation video?

The animation is not merely just cartoons these days. In fact, most of commercial or show that you see on TV includes a certain form of animation. Even if the promotion video is not full of animation; some graphics or animated elements add the professionalism and value to your business. However, fully animated video nowadays become more and more popular as well. The animation is indeed a good way to make a complex idea simpler to visualize. Take for examples of software demo, company’s profile, motivational video and many more have been in the form of animation video. You cannot be more than surprise with the power of animation video, especially for SEO.

Kind of animation videos

Explainer animated video – this kind of animated video is suitable if your company has excellent products but does not have enough skills for presentation. The explainer animated video can be a great way to present the excellent product in an interesting way without showing the lacking side.

Storytelling video – everybody loves stories as it portrays certain picture in an interesting way with various characters to entertain the audience. In business, storytelling method becomes one of the influential marketing strategies. It delivers the message where graphics or statistic cannot. This kind of video is suitable for branding, professional bio, and products advertising.

Video Infographics – sadly to say that the present generation has drifted from reading to visuals. Facts, statistic data, and company’s information are presented in a somehow interesting way to help the audiences understand the information better. For a branding tool, the animated infographic has proven itself as an effective one.

Whiteboard animation – this may be less expensive animation; however, you cannot underestimate it as a powerful branding tool. Referred as video scribing, whiteboard animation only needs whiteboard with few sketches. There you go; this animation can deliver the marketing message in the simple but creative way.

Tutorial video – this kind of video is kind of popular these days. It is aimed to educate or for tutorial and training purposes. It is good for demonstrate a process or how certain product works.

Steps for animation videos

Set purpose and goals – this is the basic start as you have to set the purpose for making the animation video and what you want to get from that video. For example, if you want to promote the products and boost the sales through animation videos.

Get supplier – for an outstanding animation video, you do not have to make it by yourself. We provide professional hands to create your animation video in the friendly budget. The biggest drawback for the most business owner for making a video can be the budget; however, we offer various rates that you can choose according to your budget plan.

Make solid script/concept – similar to text content, animation video should have a solid concept for the base of the video. Our copywriters will help you to set up the solid concept for the video. Tell us about the purpose of the video, the detail products, and we are good to create a solid concept for you.

Choose storyboard and artwork – after you have the script in hand, the next step is to choose the artwork and storyboard. Our professional team will show you various characters and designs that will be used for the animation video.

Add narration – the factors that make animation interesting is the narration and sounds effects. Our professional narrators will accomplish the animation video. In addition to narration, our team will add an audio track to the animation video or if you have your own audio track; we can definitely work it out.

Get them together – the last step is to put everything together such as the artwork, script, narration, and sounds together. We use professional software to create good quality animation video from your raw concept. In simple, we do the all the creation process from your concept and you get the result. There are plenty video examples made by us for your references.

Animation has moved to another level; it is not just a kid’s thing. It can be a powerful tool for marketing strategy as well.