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Most of you may have realized that


Most of you may have realized that videos are very powerful tools nowadays. Videos can be used in many aspects in life. Videos help people to make concrete forms of their conceptual ideas. Videos are more interesting in aesthetical aspect. In addition, they are also more real than the old 2D images. We can not only see the visualization but also the audio. Unlike 2D graphics, 3D graphics are moving. The objects have more dimensions so that other people will be easier to catch the concepts that we are trying to deliver. It is like we bring our story on our mind come to real life. Videos are available in many different types and they are made of some concepts regarding their purposes. One of the most popular types of video nowadays is showreel videos. In this moment, we will discuss further about this type, not only its purpose but also how it is made.

Knowing the showreel videos

Maybe some of you actually have ever seen showreel videos, but you don’t really know what they actually are. A showreel video is a short video or film footage that demonstrates the talents or the previous works of an actor, actress, singers, director, model, presenter etc. although it often is used in the entertainment industry, now we may see the use of showreel video in other fields for the same marketing tool purpose. We can say that it works like a resume because a showreel video is used to promote the artists’ previous works, talents and experience. It is usually for some purposes such as casting at talent agencies. Thus, it is the main marketing tool of the artist.
The agencies or casting professional usually will choose or decide the right candidate as actor for a movie, dramas, etc by watching the showreel video of an artist. There, the professionals can see and examine the artist previous works and talents. That’s why showreel videos are so important for them. They should make a perfect showreel video which can make them qualified and reach success in the audition.
In some countries, some agencies usually will promote their artists by providing and offering showreel videos to companies so that their artists can get parts in a movie or film.

How a Showreel video is made?

A showreel video contains series of scenes that describe an artist’s previous work, talents, and experience. They can come from movies, short films, or dramas that participated by the artist. Those scenes then will be edited professionally in to a fast short video. The common length of a showreel video is four up to six minutes. The shorter the video is the better because most of the time, a simple and short video that includes all the important parts of the artists will be the winner. It is about the content, not the length. Most artists will hire an editor to make a showreel video of them. The result usually will be available in a form of DVD.
Not all artists have their own video or film credits; therefore there are artists that will choose to hire a company which provides showreel video making service. The company can make scripts for them, film the scenes from the scenes and then edit all parts into a sequenced showreel video. A showreel video also will be completed by music and some effects if necessary. The original cut scenes from a movie or film will be completed with full credits.

Showreel videos from Viral Service

Viral service provides a wide of variety of video production including marketing videos, training videos, commercial videos, etc. we have a number of features which enable our customers to choose different services according to their needs and wants. One of them is showreel videos.We offer showreel videos making service for many purposes to our customer.
What makes our showreel videos different from others is that we do not only simply add all of your scenes from movies or film and edit them with some music and effects. It is just like jamming the scenes into a video. We carefully will collect all data and information about what our customers need and want their showreel videos to be. All the scenes from movies or films will be combined structurally and edited with the right and appropriate music or effects. Thus, our show reel videos will be great and harmonized. We do not only focus on the visual or audio representations, but also the content. Content is the most important thing. When a showreel video has content which is perfect for demonstrating the artist and then it is edited in a right way, the video just will be awesome. Imagine the time when there is a new trailer of a movie that can make you totally amazed and excited after watching it. We can also help you having showreel video that will be as good as your favorite movie trailer.

Viral service showreel videos service

As we have mentioned before, our showreel videos are available for many purposes. We can make showreel videos for actor, actress, singers, director, presenter etc. We can also plan and make full scripts for those who do not have credits for their involvement in movies, films or other works. After the scripts are done, we will also arrange and produce the showreel according to our customers’ orders.
We make sure that our customers will be satisfied with the result. Reviews and discussions will always be part of the making process of viral service showreel videos. If there are some parts that are needed to be changed, then we will make changes based on the result of discussion with the customers.

Viral service showreel videos sample

For those who would like to know about our services and products of showreel videos, there a sample of showreel video that is made by our staff in this website. Just click the link above and you can see a showreel video created by our professional video editors. Enjoy!