09 Oct 2015


09 Oct 2015



The Google suggestions like those just seen are the simplest way to get LSI keywords, so it’s overused by everybody and no longer effective as in the past. If you buy our LSI articles you will have a copywriter at your service: our specialists use a powerful proprietary SEO tool with an algorithm for indexing similar to that of the search engines, but working in reverse: to extrapolate new keywords (LSI) from the articles already positioned. The whole process is manually managed and it consists of 7 steps:

    #1. Picking up several already well ranked articles, with certain features (quality, lenght, age, etc.)
    #2. Stripping from the articles all the formatting
    #3. Pruning the stop-words without semantic value
    #4. Merging the articles into one document
    #5. Stemming the text from common suffixes, leaving only an invariant root form
    #6. Deleting redundant and too generic words
    #7. Composing a new unique 100% article with the right density, prominence and proximity of these new keywords

The full context is important, not the individual words. The LSI algorithm analyzes the semantic proximity between words so texts with few semantic similarities become less relevant. LSI works almost like a brain that catalogs the topics into categories. The algorithm does not understand anything about the meaning of words, but its ability to notice the similarities make it extremely clever. For those who study how the algorithms inluence the researches it can be stated with confidence that:

    #1. Search engines like Google reward with high rank the page with more semantic relevance and not just the search term.
    #2. The pages too focused on a sentence tend to be indexed worse than expected (over-optimization or keyword stuffing)
    #3. Pages that focus on a wider range of words and synonyms tend to be indexed better and for different keywords.

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