Off Page SEO: Your Ultimate Guide


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Off Page SEO: Your Ultimate Guide

When talking about SEO, there seems like no ending since it significantly changes each year. SEO or search engine optimization refers to process to optimize the website rank in the search engine. According to its amazing benefit SEO is definitely important to attract prospective customer and also increase the website credibility as well as reach broader audience. The search engine uses complex algorithms to decide whether a website is suitable for their index or not and it shows the result on the search engine page. In simple, SEO is the way to tell search engine through providing it with the website details.

In general, SEO has two major factors: Off page and On Page SEO. As aforementioned above, SEO is constantly changing and so does Off Page SEO. Originally, the Off Page SEO used to focus on direct improvement to determine the keyword ranking which in general use the link building. However, the development of Penguin Google somehow puts the conventional SEO to an end. After that, the main purpose of this SEO factors has also changed. Link building is no longer in used by online marketers to enhance the keyword ranking. Meanwhile, online marketers are looking for techniques to build an online reputation and increase the presence of the website.

What is Off Page SEO?

Most eCommerce owners and marketers, in general, start the marketing with On Page SEO. However, the process does not stop there; we continue to maximize the website performance using Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO relates to any activities that you and other people do out from your websites in order to increase the page ranking in search engine. Many people think that Off Page SEO is only associated with link building. However, it is more than just link building. If the On-Page SEO is something that you do within the website; the Off Page SEO is something that you do outside the website. For example, you write in another blog a guest post or write a comment; that is the Off Page SEO.

Benefits of Off Page SEO

A successful Off Page SEO will indeed result in these following benefits:

Ranking increase – the website will place the top rank in the SERPs which also means more website traffic.

PageRank Increasing – the page rank is the indicator which shows how important a website according to Google eyes. The rank is in the form of number start from 0 to 10.

More exposure – ranking increase also refers to more exposure when the websites score the top rank in search engine. Indeed, it also means more visits, more mentions, and more links. It likes an unending chain of events which leads one to another.

Steps to Off Page SEO

Even though you are a beginner in the SEO worlds; there is no reason not to join in the hype of SEO. Here are the steps to begin the Off Page SEO.

Blog Post Submission

People nowadays appreciate more to blog post with fresh content with high quality. We provide a high-quality blog post with fresh content compiled with the standard of On Page SEO for the maximal result. Moreover, we also provide a blog post with the standard image as well as interesting image/video optimization.

Social Bookmarking

Even though social bookmarking is not as popular as in the previous years; however, it is still a good way to increase the website traffic. There are plenty of social bookmarking websites which can help bookmark your websites if they like it. We offer to promote your website in social websites such as, and many more to name a few. We will choose the social websites according to the niche on your website. Therefore, social bookmarking will hit directly at the point and increase the website traffic. If your website receives bookmarking from one of the websites; it will send signals to the search engine that you have good quality content and deserve to get a higher rank.

Facebook Shares

With numbers of social websites, Facebook is one of the powerful social networks websites which can be good place to promote the website. Sharing the page content in Facebook in order to reach broader audience can be a good way. More shares on Facebook by the follower means broader chance of your websites to reach many audiences. Facebook is also a good place to build relationship with the customer so that you can hear their opinion about your business.

PR Submission

Surprisingly, public relation submission can boost the company’s visibility. From large to small businesses take advantages from PR submission. We offer press release for any business purposes to meet with the standard SEO. A good press release can spread the business in broader and farther range. Through this way, attracting more customers is not an impossible thing. In addition, press release highlights the business success as well as advancements which make it a powerful tool to attract investors.

Social Profiles

Social media has been long associated with Off Page SEO as it is the key for business to build a community. It is also the place where business owner engages with a community similar to keep the good relationship with the customer. Social media mentions are considered as the ground to ranking factors as well as proper configuration. This means that social media boost the SEO. We provide social profiles of your blog or websites to be placed in the social network sites to make you able stay in touch with your followers. When the community grows bigger and stronger, the post content can easily go viral with only social network shares.

PDF submission

Educational or research papers, as well as data documents, are usually in the form or PDF or portable document format. This kind of document is build with accuracy and Excellency. However, most PDF documents are not available for public access which and keep those documents for the smaller group only. We provide conversion of PDF documents to an accessible page and you can publish the documents on your website. This will make you easier to reach the linkers and share the accessible page.

On-Page SEO: All You Need To Know

The fact that good SEO strategy can increase the website traffic makes business owners get interested in learning more about it. If you are looking for an important marketing strategy element; it always is the search engine optimization. Even though some people do not think of SEO as a priority; still, they want to maximize the conversion. However, at the last, they want their content page can be easily found or appear on the top list on a search engine.

SEO or search engine optimization is constantly changing for the recent few years. However, SEO is still considered as the most effective online marketing strategy. In general, SEO factors can be divided into two main categories which are the On-page SEO factors and Off Page SEO factors. The main difference between those two factors is the control method; the On-Page SEO is controlled through our own website while the Off Page SEO requires external partner cooperation.

Here is our ultimate guide to On Page SEO and everything you need to know about the SEO strategy.

What is On-Page SEO?

Being on the first page of the search engine indeed leads to profitable business. Higher rank on the search engine increases the website traffic and also the business itself. Therefore, the impact to appear in the top rank of a search engine cannot be less important. The On Page SEO is the foundation for good online marketing strategy. This is the fancy term to refer the content that you have created for a website in a certain way which makes the search engine easy to recognize and rank the content. On Page SEO is important for optimal search engine result. Other marketing strategies are indeed as important as On Page SEO; however, we offer optimal website design from the very first stage and prioritize it to provide you with the maximal result.

Benefits of On Page SEO

Local result – this SEO factors shows the local result as possible. To improve the local result, you will need to add the location in the title of the landing page, GEO location site map, Google map, and many more. For your information, the Google Local result is now the new trend in the SEO world. With local SEO result, you certainly deal with smaller area and less national target means that the competition is also smaller. Therefore, it will be much easier to attract the prospective local customer.

Powerful yet inexpensive marketing strategy – the good page structure is definitely the best way to explain the keywords that will rank the page. Compare to other marketing strategy or using advertisement, this method is way cheaper to promote the website.

Steps to On Page SEO

Before you start to use On Page SEO to your website, it is better to read the steps for the maximal result.

Keyword Research

The audience will easily find your website page through the keywords they type in the search engine. Related or trending keywords are basically can make the audience find the website better. This is also how the search engine will place the rank through the relevant keywords. We offer keyword research for the trending or related keywords with the website content which can enhance the website traffic. Besides the eye-catching title, includes the keyword in the title is better.

Internal Linking

Your main purpose is definitely to make people dwell deeper in the website and also keep the search engine to place the website in the top rank. Internal linking is used when you are referencing other sources or pages. The trick is to link audience to the other source using anchor text which is aimed to calls for action such as the “sign up now”, “learn more”, and many more. We also offer natural keywords phrases as the anchor text. The use of internal linking should not be overused. In another hand, our service will only use the linking to drive the audience when it looks natural and makes sense. We keep the main content focus and readable without an excessive internal link.

Best Description

The description here refers to Meta description which is a short text that displayed in the search engine result below the title of the website page. The general length of the description is usually around 155 characters. Our service always includes related keywords in the description without over jamming to merely fulfill the search engine demand. We write the description in the best way and fill it with a curiosity which makes people want to click. Even though the good description is not the only factors that will place the website in the top rank; it indeed increases the click rate.

Meta/Title Tag

The intriguing title tag is an essential factor of On Page SEO which has direct influence on your success. Search engine’s algorithm look the website title tag for the first time and also human reader will also look at the title. Placing the keyword in the title especially, in the beginning will indeed boost the website visit. In general, the ideal title is more than 40 characters and less than 70 characters. Longer than this, the title will be cut off from the search results. We offer intriguing title tag with related keyword to help to place the website in the top rank of search engine and increase the website visit. In addition, we use the H1 headline tag for the optimal search result.

Image/Video Optimization

Long text without image or video can make the readers bore and end up leaving your websites. Besides good image/video quality, we offer image/video optimization to make the website visually appealing and attract the readers. For this purpose, we include a title for every uploaded image and video and treat it similar to the page titles. The usage of the relevant keyword, alt text, as well as description is beneficial for On Page SEO.

Site Map Creation

Using the above steps to On Page SEO, we offer the best creation for your website to increase the conversion rate. The On Page SEO is the ultimate way for sitemap creation. We create good quality content with image/video optimization which meets the standard of a search engine to help increase the conversion rate.