Showreel Video

Most of you may have realized that videos are very powerful tools nowadays. Videos can be used in many aspects in life. Videos help people to make concrete forms of their conceptual ideas. Videos are more interesting in aesthetical aspect. In addition, they are also more real than the old 2D images. We can not only see the visualization but also the audio. Unlike 2D graphics, 3D graphics are moving. The objects have more dimensions so that other people will be easier to catch the concepts that we are trying to deliver. It is like we bring our story on our mind come to real life. Videos are available in many different types and they are made of some concepts regarding their purposes. One of the most popular types of video nowadays is showreel videos. In this moment, we will discuss further about this type, not only its purpose but also how it is made.

Knowing the showreel videos

Maybe some of you actually have ever seen showreel videos, but you don’t really know what they actually are. A showreel video is a short video or film footage that demonstrates the talents or the previous works of an actor, actress, singers, director, model, presenter etc. although it often is used in the entertainment industry, now we may see the use of showreel video in other fields for the same marketing tool purpose. We can say that it works like a resume because a showreel video is used to promote the artists’ previous works, talents and experience. It is usually for some purposes such as casting at talent agencies. Thus, it is the main marketing tool of the artist.
The agencies or casting professional usually will choose or decide the right candidate as actor for a movie, dramas, etc by watching the showreel video of an artist. There, the professionals can see and examine the artist previous works and talents. That’s why showreel videos are so important for them. They should make a perfect showreel video which can make them qualified and reach success in the audition.
In some countries, some agencies usually will promote their artists by providing and offering showreel videos to companies so that their artists can get parts in a movie or film.

How a Showreel video is made?

A showreel video contains series of scenes that describe an artist’s previous work, talents, and experience. They can come from movies, short films, or dramas that participated by the artist. Those scenes then will be edited professionally in to a fast short video. The common length of a showreel video is four up to six minutes. The shorter the video is the better because most of the time, a simple and short video that includes all the important parts of the artists will be the winner. It is about the content, not the length. Most artists will hire an editor to make a showreel video of them. The result usually will be available in a form of DVD.
Not all artists have their own video or film credits; therefore there are artists that will choose to hire a company which provides showreel video making service. The company can make scripts for them, film the scenes from the scenes and then edit all parts into a sequenced showreel video. A showreel video also will be completed by music and some effects if necessary. The original cut scenes from a movie or film will be completed with full credits.

Showreel videos from Viral Service

Viral service provides a wide of variety of video production including marketing videos, training videos, commercial videos, etc. we have a number of features which enable our customers to choose different services according to their needs and wants. One of them is showreel videos.We offer showreel videos making service for many purposes to our customer.
What makes our showreel videos different from others is that we do not only simply add all of your scenes from movies or film and edit them with some music and effects. It is just like jamming the scenes into a video. We carefully will collect all data and information about what our customers need and want their showreel videos to be. All the scenes from movies or films will be combined structurally and edited with the right and appropriate music or effects. Thus, our show reel videos will be great and harmonized. We do not only focus on the visual or audio representations, but also the content. Content is the most important thing. When a showreel video has content which is perfect for demonstrating the artist and then it is edited in a right way, the video just will be awesome. Imagine the time when there is a new trailer of a movie that can make you totally amazed and excited after watching it. We can also help you having showreel video that will be as good as your favorite movie trailer.

Viral service showreel videos service

As we have mentioned before, our showreel videos are available for many purposes. We can make showreel videos for actor, actress, singers, director, presenter etc. We can also plan and make full scripts for those who do not have credits for their involvement in movies, films or other works. After the scripts are done, we will also arrange and produce the showreel according to our customers’ orders.
We make sure that our customers will be satisfied with the result. Reviews and discussions will always be part of the making process of viral service showreel videos. If there are some parts that are needed to be changed, then we will make changes based on the result of discussion with the customers.

Viral service showreel videos sample

For those who would like to know about our services and products of showreel videos, there a sample of showreel video that is made by our staff in this website. Just click the link above and you can see a showreel video created by our professional video editors. Enjoy!

Website Presentation video

People might wonder what website presentation videos are. These are videos made to celebrate or communicate a new website. We often get hired to create such kind of presentation by clients who involve in commercial business. Most of our clients take advantages of the video for presentation purposes. Well, we may explain the overall benefits of using our services. Let’s start with the professionalism. We deliver professional videos for website presentation purposes. The clients only need to provide the details and we will create the video with a positive a high-level of professionalism. This will encourage more people coming to their page.

We think more about the Content

The next thing that we will provide is informative video content. We never neglect this important aspect as we pay attention to the informative nature of any videos that we produce. Our presenters and creators will convey message and information regardless of the sources. We can set up an automatic video that plays when visitors reach our clients’ site. This means the message and information will be delivered promptly as soon as people visit that site. We deliver the information in a professional manner, too. Not all services are able to work with us. That’s we offer a better result when it comes to creating site presentation videos.

The concept or ideas are either complex or simple. The clients decide it for us. What we do is to include a well-scripted presentation in a professional manner to the video. This means we can handle any type of ideas. We will match the concept to the audience so they can understand the message better. People trust to use to make them useful videos for their homepage. They don’t need to worry about the quality as we are an ideal company that has expertise both in technical and creativity field. Usually, we will make it as simple as possible. We want the audience to easily grasp the content without hassles.

Creating high-quality website presentation videos aren’t enough. We also accept a wider scope of a project. For example, we create a presentation video that is used for customer service. It’s a quite complicated task, for sure. However, we can handle the challenge so we will do everything for to create the best content based on clients’ need. With our services, people can help the visitors to navigate the site better. Managing a large site isn’t a simple task. That’s why they need to use a site presentation video that helps audiences to explore the site better. It’s bad if the visitors leave immediately once they hit a site. It’s because the site isn’t properly navigated.

How We Create the Video

Now the question is how we may deliver high-quality site presentation videos. First of all, we talk with the clients regarding what kind of presentation they want. The content varies based on their preferences, after all. We will keep the content short. We know that interesting and high-quality videos can lose the visitors’ attention in an instant. Why? The content is too long and complicated. Due to this reason, we will keep it short regardless of the niche of the content. We don’t want the audience to wait for grasping the idea behind that video. We may demonstrate it in a simple manner supported with some details.

The most difficult part is the script creation. In this case, we will produce a relevant script. Why is it so important? Well, the audiences don’t want to watch something unnatural. They are interested in flowing and natural language with a small humor instead. This is the crucial part. We spend most of our time thinking how to create both appealing and selling script. Once decided, we focus on the video quality. The recording is the core of site presentation. This means it must be in high-quality. We only use the best equipment and high-resolution camera to achieve that goal.

When it is about the quality of website presentation videos, we induce both dynamic and rich feel. These aspects are the best to attract audience’s attention. We will make the presentation dynamic. How? We use transitions and animation. These will freshen up the videos, for sure. The message delivery is also important. This is where we may put more focus on it. We talk to our clients first to understand what they really want. Each person is different regarding how a site presentation video should be made.

Apart from those considerations, we also have other factors to think about. For example, we will analyze the audience. It seems unimportant in some ways, but we never overlook it. Not knowing who the audience becomes the biggest mistake of any video creators. It’s because we will miss the purpose in making the video. Most of our clients want to include a small portion of promotion within a site presentation video. That’s why we never ignore the importance to target a specific market. Overall, shotgun marketing seems ineffective.

Planning is Important

Planning is our key to production. The best benefit of hiring us is people don’t need to spend much time and effort over the entire production and planning. We will handle these for them. We start with a plan and we execute the project in a prompt manner. Sometimes, we have the clients who want to join the production. It’s because they want to ensure that the videos really satisfy their expectation. Well, this unnecessary as we provide revisions too. It’s better if they just sit and relax while we create high-quality videos for them.

Production time is important as we don’t want our clients to wait. Creating website presentation videos take much time. Approximately, we are able to finish a project within 24 hours. If we have many tasks to do, we need our clients to wait. We can work faster and put a particular project as a top priority, actually. As long as our clients pay us more, we will prioritize their order. When it is about the guarantee, we accept any types of revisions until they are satisfied with our work. To put it simply, we never disappoint our clients.

Product Video

Before we start with the use or the benefit of it, let us start by finding out, what the product videos are. From the terms or the name, people would have already guessed that this is the kind of videos which is shows about the product. That means the content of the video itself is focused on the product that is going to be shown to the consumer or the audience. The content must be related to the kind of information like what is the product about, how to use it, what are the product made of, the kind of quality and also the kind of price of the product. And not to mention, it is also included the information where to find the product.

Since there are many kinds of products that are produced by many different types of companies or manufactures so of course the product videos kind must be varied as well. What we mean here is the kind of content of the videos itself. Every product must have the different content, including the kind of theme or the story behind the product itself.

The type of equipment used in order to produce the product videos must also be varied. The more sufficient and also great the equipment, the more interesting the videos would be. However, to produce such amazing videos in this modern era, it needs no such big efforts or spends lots of the energy, it just need to hire such amazing company that offer the kind of service, could be the very best choices. As the matter of fact, there are many kinds of companies that offer such kinds of services with such amazing theme, also the very interesting features.

Now, enough with the kind of introduction, people must be wondering about the benefit of using the product videos. There are lots of them that can be taken into account but some of them re as followed. They are the kind of promotions media, the way to gain more customers, the format made it easy to spread the entire world and the last one is that it is cheaper than doing some other kind of ways to promote the product produced. To find more detail explanation about the kind of benefit of it, can be read on the next part of this article.

It is to promote the brand new product

As we all know, when it comes to videos of course it is going to show the customer the product in detail. It is as if the customer could touch it, feel it and taste it. It is not only that, on the product videos, the customer would also be well – informed about the kind of size, quality, materials used and also how to use it. It is included the way how to use it well. This is one of the benefits of having the videos of the product.

To gain more consumers

Through the product videos that has already provided the clear information about the product. So, the benefit that can be taken into account is that, the more people who have been seen the videos and they are interested on having the product would definitely call or purchase the product. In the other words, this is the kind of ways on how to get more consumers. By gaining more consumers mean gain more profits from the kind of product that is sold. That is why; having this kind of videos is really profitable.

The video format is easy to spread all over the world

As we all know, the product videos means in the video format, it can be in flv, mkv, mpeg, or some other flash and all of them are easy to spread all over the world. As now we have lots of social media that can be used in order to share the videos through it so it can spread all over the word in the matter of seconds. Having lots of friends and connection on the social network or social media is going to be very benefit. That is because once the videos is uploaded on the social media then it is going to be shared by some friends and it is going to spread not only on the same area but also those who happens to be far away.

The cost is cheaper than any other media

Talking about the cost on how to make the kind of videos they are varied. But if it is compared to the other kind of Medias to promote the product, the product videos must be cheaper. That is because, it could simply the pictures, the kind of words, the kind of audios, some pieces of videos or it could also be the combination from all of them. Using the high tech equipment would definitely result the great videos that is interesting and of course catch people attentions.

From those kind of information above, it is good to find the best company that offer the great service with the product videos. As the matter of fact, there are many companies that provide this service. So, to be sure to have such amazing result especially with the marketing of course, hiring the professional people or company to make the great videos with the high tech and sophisticated equipment would definitely result the very interesting and the very perfect videos.

So, to enjoy the kind of benefit of the product videos, the first thing that should be taken into consideration is the kind of equipment that should be done in order to have such amazing result of the videos. In this case, finding the very amazing themes and the very interesting layout are also important to make the videos look perfect. Or to have the greater videos, hiring the professional people to make the videos is really recommended. As we have already known, great videos, with the great theme, great stories, great combination of pictures, videos, and Audios would give the great benefits.

3D Video

3d videos are so popular nowadays. It is not only because of their modern features. The number one reason is that it can help you telling your ideas in your mind come true in a more specific form. When your ideas are still conceptual, it may be hard for you to explain and other people to understand the exact points of the ideas. 3D videos display physically forms that come with real structure. It is something that 2D videos cannot provide to us. 3D videos make something that appears flat to our eyes to be in various dimensions including height, depth and width.

Therefore, there are many people and companies that use 3D videos for many purpose such as making advertisements, demonstrating products, making a presentation, etc. the problem is that they usually still confused about deciding the right company to help them. In this case, Viral Service can be the one that is suitable for everyone’s needs.

Viral service is one of the best companies which provides a wide variety of video products like marketing videos, training videos, commercial videos, etc. Viral service 3d videos production has many features. You can check the video production section on the website. It provides you with a lot information and also the samples of product.

Viral service 3d videos production Features

Viral service 3d videos production offers many features from video script to post production. In this article, we will try to talk more about each feature. The first feature is story boarding. This feature helps the customers who only have discovered their ideas but have no a complete script from their own. Here, viral service will develop the ideas by gathering detailed information about the ideas and the aims that the customers want to achieve. Worked by the viral service expert team, the storyboard exactly will be great and able to attract the customers’ target audience.

The next Viral service 3d videos production feature is video creation. Viral service offers many types of video products for different purposes. They can be video advertising, internet videos, training videos, event videos, profile videos, etc. all the customers can choose the type of videos that they want and meet their requirements. All the aspects of the video such as the designs and graphics can be suited and requested, so you do not need to worry about that.

In the video editing section, viral service offers special service in editing the videos when the customers already have the raw materials. Viral service 3d videos production will help them in improving the videos in order to get better quality and content. Thus, the videos can meet the customers’ expectation and also can grab the audience attention.
Viral service 3d videos production also provides video prices and video production cost features that will be very useful for the customers to plan their orders. Besides, there are some video creation samples which are made by the viral service staff. The customers can play all the videos for free and see viral service’s products for their customers.

Stop-motion Video

The stop motion videos are the kind of animation made by those experts who have the very good taste on art. The animation itself is made by the group pictures of moving object. It could be anything. It can be people; it can be vehicles, it can be the animals, it can be anything. The point is that the final result of it is the kind of videos that shows some kinds of stories that is consisted of the group of pictures with the theme or stories so people who watch it would catch the drift or the meaning behind it.

As we might have noticed from the duration and also from the kind of interesting result of the stop-motion videos, of course we can say, it is not something that are easy to do. It needs lots of energy, times of preparation and most of all; it needs lots of deep thoughts. To have such interesting result of course it needs the great ideas. That is because from the ideas, the great masterpiece could be famous. In order to find the ideas sometimes a person should be smart on catching it. It could be from the movies he watched, from the kind of activities he join or something like that.

What are its supporting elements?

Now we have already found out about something related to the stop-motion videos. As the matter of fact in order to have such amazing result of course it need skills, ideas and also great equipment which is the kind of cameras or the kind of video editor to make the great result. Those things that have been mentioned earlier happen to be the kind of element that is needed in order to make the great animation videos. The next part of this article would explain detail about the kind of element of these animation videos.


In order to have such amazing masterpiece of course, a person should start it by finding the very great and interesting ideas. As we all know, it is not easy to find but as the matter of fact, they are around us. We just have to be able to open our eyes to see such kinds of ideas. Like the expert said, ideas can be found in anywhere it could be from the dream, while having lunch at the cafeteria, while going out with friends or while watching some movies and so on. This is one of the key successes of element that a person should have to have such amazing of the stop-motion videos.


The next element which is also important in realizing the ideas is the skills. Imagine, having the ideas but there is no skills then of course it might be difficult. Unless letting someone to build it with the kind of ideas we have. Only then it could work but otherwise it is going to mean nothing. However, in this modern era, there are many ways in order to learn on how to realize the ideas. Even if you have no skills including creating the stop-motion videos.

Great Equipment

The last one but not least that also need to be considered is the kind of equipment. As we all know in order to have such amazing result of the stop-motion videos, it is going to need the kind of great equipment. They are like the great cameras or the great video editor in order to combine the pictures through the camera and made it in the great animations. It is not only that, the expert also would combine the animation with audios to make it even more interesting, including adding some caption or the words inside it to make it more perfect.

The Benefit of the animation videos

As we all know, people would like to do something or create something with something on their mind. One of them is the kind of benefits. So, what are the benefits of having the stop-motions videos? Well, to answer such kinds of questions of course, you might have seen on the internet, there are lots of videos provided by many different people with the different kinds of purpose. Well this kind of videos is also has the same purpose or benefits. They are as followed:

As the media promotion. Since we all know, in order to promote some kinds of product or service it need something that would able to catch people attention. In this case, the great and the very interesting of the stop-motion videos would also be one of the kinds of media to attract people attention to see and to buy the product or use the kind of service that is offered by some companies from around the world.

As the hobbies. Many people like to improve or develop something from what they like or what their hobbies are. As the matter of fact from the hobbies sometimes it can be the kind of profession or the jobs that can result the good income. There are many successful people all around the world who started their profession from their hobbies. So back to the hobbies. This could be the kind of Medias to let the hobbies or imagination improved and developed.

To inspire people. Besides the media promotion and also hobbies. The stop-motion videos can also be used to inspire people. As the matter of fact, there are many example of it on the internet in order to give the inspiration to the young generation to be more aware of the nature, of the bad impact of the drugs and so on. This is used by some institution in order to spread the great message to the people around the world.

However, if to have such amazing kind of the stop-motion videos in this modern era, should not be that difficult. There is always an option that can be used. For example hire a great company with lots of experiences in video creation and also recommended by many people like ours.

Puppets Video

Running an online business seems daunting for those who can’t withstand the competition. Marketing is one of the most intricate aspects when it comes to e-commerce. It requires many brilliant ideas and imaginations how to generate more leads on the market. Let’s talk about video marketing. We take care of our clients’ demands of creating engaging video marketing. The fun part is that we provide the puppets videos. What are these, exactly? Not all people recognize how important puppet videos are. This is a type of marketing that utilizes puppets and videos to promote a particular business. People might find it fun and engaging. As a result, they will remember the message better.

We Create Puppets Videos

It’s true that creating puppet videos is an intricate job. That’s why we’ll take care of it for our clients. We are more affordable and reliable when compared to other services that may charge people with thousands of dollars for the videos. What are the benefits? We help their business to stand out from the tough competition. We will create unique videos that entertain potential customers. Not to mention we will gather people’s attention on our client’s business longer. Our goal is to generate more sales and leads for the clients.

People these days are looking for something unique. They are bored with regular commercials and videos. Puppet is both fun and appealing to all ages. Not many people are able to create a puppet video. Why? It requires both creativity and experience. We have both of them. Many businessmen start using puppets for their commercial videos. They have realized how effective that idea is. We will give some reasons why people must consider using puppets for their business videos. If the audiences get amused, they will remember the messages of the videos better and longer. We know this well.

Why People Need It

First of all, the puppets videos have a global appeal. Most countries and cultures recognize how attractive puppets are. Seeing their expression and face makes people amused. In a commercial use, puppets videos will generate lots of leads for the business owners. We will make use of them to tell stories and information related to our clients’ business. We will make everyone enjoy the videos and we will put some marketing messages on those videos. We are looking for more leads through audience interaction. Puppet videos are good media to use, after all.

Puppets have been used as the entertainment tool and effective marketing. The problem is that not all people can create effective marketing videos by using puppets. They need our help, for sure. The first thing that we do is to analyze our clients’ business. We determine what kind of puppet to use to promote their business. Once they approve our idea, we will proceed with the video creation. We listen to our clients’ demand, indeed. We never execute a project without their concerns. The concept comes either from us or theirs. Once decided, we will take care of everything in a timely manner. It takes days if our queue is long.

What Can We Do?

The question is how we will make the videos more appealing. We include some best ways to make the content and videos more engaging for the audiences. First, we work with the creativity. It’s a core in making appealing videos with puppets. Creativity determines how well we create resourceful, informative, and entertaining videos. We have the artists so we can brainstorm unique ideas that match our clients’ demand. Our goal is to create an unforgettable impression on the audience. It takes much time, but it’s worth the effort. We aim for more audience with our creativity.

Just because the puppets videos are funny doesn’t mean they can amuse all people. The point of creating business videos isn’t necessarily about the amusement. It also includes enthusiasm, communication, and sharing. We will reach more audience with our clients’ business through the puppet videos. Not all services can cover those aspects so we will take care of them. Sharing business messages are the most significant way to communicate with the audience. It will be useless if we have funny and unique puppet videos without good business communication essence. We combine both consistency and frequency to successfully promote our clients’ video campaign.

Aside from communication, we also work with a presentation. We match the voice over with the puppet that we use to create the videos. A fail spokesperson only ruins the entire process, after all. We really understand this issue. We also put more efforts on the setting, recording devices, and other requirements of creating the videos. We never overlook those things as they determine either the success or failure. Plus, we focus on business to community approach. We pay attention to the details and we won’t waste the record for something irrelevant. We prevent errors when recording as it affects the rate of success of the presentation.

The most challenging part is to put the business message to the videos. We try to make it as natural as possible. The audiences don’t like videos that put too many commercial things within. This is an important part of creating those videos. When it comes to building the message, we need to consult with the clients beforehand. We won’t make them disappointed, after all. The most important part is the puppet personality. We must present puppet videos that match clients’ business brand. That’s why we need to talk to them before executing the project.


In summary, the puppets videos become more popular in e-commerce these days. People start realizing how fun and effective those videos to get attract many potential customers to their business. We know that they can make such kind of video by themselves. We offer the services as we have both experience and equipment. Everything will be done in a professional manner. As long as we get the basic concept of our clients’ business, we can proceed to the next phase. Not to mention we don’t charge as much as other services do for their clients. We are trustworthy, after all.

Testimonials Video

Video is exactly a brand new way to express and convey abstract ideas into the real form. The static graphics that are represented by pictures or photos may also help people to demonstrate what on their minds. However, the motion pictures that have more dimensions seem more interesting for humans’ eyes. It helps us to understand more about the conceptual ideas. Video also makes people more attracted to the content that is delivered, so it is indeed a great tool for many purposes. Many people now realize the reliability of videos in many aspects of life. The modern technology also supports the use of video. There are many advantages of video that we can get and more people now feel the same as we do!

Many people want to use video for many purposes. That is why now video production services are so popular. Most people may need help in creating professional videos that can help reforming their ideas in a more attractive ways. Hiring video makers is not an easy thing to do. There are many aspects that should be considered in choosing the right video makers. For that reason, testimonial is very important. It helps people to know the qualities of the video makers from other users who have experienced them. From testimonial, you can know how video makers serve their customers.

Viral service is one of the best choices that you can choose. We exactly can offer a wide range of professional services and products. The expert team of our company will help you in creating high quality videos. We have our own website which is completed with testimonial from our customers. It certainly will help you in knowing our services and products more. Every customer who has worked with us usually left some comments in the testimonial section. We provide easy and free website so that our customers will not be hesitant in leaving some messages about their impression of our services.
Our feature, viral service production of videos with testimonial has helped many customers in deciding the right service and product that will meet their wants and needs. The testimonial are certainly helpful in describing the details about the products and services.

Viral Service production of videos with testimonial not only provides the service about video but also other related services. Our special team helps promoting their websites and getting higher chance to hit the target audience. If you want to see and get the real experience about viral service production of videos with testimonial you can visit us at We hope our features and service will be helpful for you in deciding the right choices in promoting your websites or products.

Animation Video

In general, online marketing contents are divided into four types: video, text, link, and images. According to research, the animation video is the most popular content which has most visits. Thus, if you are asking if the video is great for marketing strategy; the answer is definitely yes. The main goal for every marketing purpose is to appear in the first rank of the search engine to get broader audiences. Optimizing the website content means that you are trying to be as best as possible to achieve good rank and appear in the top page of search engine.

Besides good quality text or content, high-quality pictures; animation video can also a great way to enhance the website performance. People tend to choose video content over the other since it’s more entertaining. If you are interested in video making especially animation video, make sure to read this text.

Why does video matter for SEO?

The fact that video is good for SEO and affect search ranking makes people frequently asks why and how it makes significant differences for a website. According to research by Forrester, website with video has higher possibility by 53 times to appear on the first page of search engine compared to the text-only website. It is true that search engine indeed put a website with video in a higher rank and put it in the search result. You surely often experience if you are searching for something and then appear plenty of videos from YouTube or other websites with videos. Moreover, videos indeed give you inbound links which are the links that come to your website. This inbound links somehow help increase the website rank. Informative videos for the audience will definitely build the inbound links and increase the website rank in the search engine. Most people find the video as an engaging content which comes with sounds. It is more than just boring text page and video keeps them on watching and make the audience entertained.

Why should animation video?

The animation is not merely just cartoons these days. In fact, most of commercial or show that you see on TV includes a certain form of animation. Even if the promotion video is not full of animation; some graphics or animated elements add the professionalism and value to your business. However, fully animated video nowadays become more and more popular as well. The animation is indeed a good way to make a complex idea simpler to visualize. Take for examples of software demo, company’s profile, motivational video and many more have been in the form of animation video. You cannot be more than surprise with the power of animation video, especially for SEO.

Kind of animation videos

Explainer animated video – this kind of animated video is suitable if your company has excellent products but does not have enough skills for presentation. The explainer animated video can be a great way to present the excellent product in an interesting way without showing the lacking side.

Storytelling video – everybody loves stories as it portrays certain picture in an interesting way with various characters to entertain the audience. In business, storytelling method becomes one of the influential marketing strategies. It delivers the message where graphics or statistic cannot. This kind of video is suitable for branding, professional bio, and products advertising.

Video Infographics – sadly to say that the present generation has drifted from reading to visuals. Facts, statistic data, and company’s information are presented in a somehow interesting way to help the audiences understand the information better. For a branding tool, the animated infographic has proven itself as an effective one.

Whiteboard animation – this may be less expensive animation; however, you cannot underestimate it as a powerful branding tool. Referred as video scribing, whiteboard animation only needs whiteboard with few sketches. There you go; this animation can deliver the marketing message in the simple but creative way.

Tutorial video – this kind of video is kind of popular these days. It is aimed to educate or for tutorial and training purposes. It is good for demonstrate a process or how certain product works.

Steps for animation videos

Set purpose and goals – this is the basic start as you have to set the purpose for making the animation video and what you want to get from that video. For example, if you want to promote the products and boost the sales through animation videos.

Get supplier – for an outstanding animation video, you do not have to make it by yourself. We provide professional hands to create your animation video in the friendly budget. The biggest drawback for the most business owner for making a video can be the budget; however, we offer various rates that you can choose according to your budget plan.

Make solid script/concept – similar to text content, animation video should have a solid concept for the base of the video. Our copywriters will help you to set up the solid concept for the video. Tell us about the purpose of the video, the detail products, and we are good to create a solid concept for you.

Choose storyboard and artwork – after you have the script in hand, the next step is to choose the artwork and storyboard. Our professional team will show you various characters and designs that will be used for the animation video.

Add narration – the factors that make animation interesting is the narration and sounds effects. Our professional narrators will accomplish the animation video. In addition to narration, our team will add an audio track to the animation video or if you have your own audio track; we can definitely work it out.

Get them together – the last step is to put everything together such as the artwork, script, narration, and sounds together. We use professional software to create good quality animation video from your raw concept. In simple, we do the all the creation process from your concept and you get the result. There are plenty video examples made by us for your references.

Animation has moved to another level; it is not just a kid’s thing. It can be a powerful tool for marketing strategy as well.

Commercials Video

Online business has become more competitive. In this industry, marketing determines the success of a product or service. We promote the commercial videos creation for those who might need our services. Businessmen can hasten approaching more audience worldwide by using our service. We know how to create a substantive and catchy video. This helps our clients to stand out the competition. We understand there are many similar services that people can get from the internet. What makes us different? We work in a professional manner and we use proven approaches to make engaging videos. These are several things that we might do for the customers.

We Check Our Client’s Need

For starters, we analyze the audience. Almost all businessmen understand how important a target audience is when creating an advertisement. However, some of them often overlook it. They aim for the entire market without a specific target. Well, shotgun marketing isn’t effective in a business. That’s why we will determine a target and aiming at them by delivering relevant commercial videos. We also plan our production beforehand. We ensure our clients don’t need to sweat over the preparation and production. Everything is under control. Still, we must get their concerns regarding the concept and message that are going to be displayed in the videos.

What about the camera? We have reliable equipment to create the videos. This means the clients can rely on our camera quality. Don’t need to worry as we really know how to use the equipment. We work with different techniques based on our clients’ need, after all. Knowing how the camera works is imperative for us. We’ll handle the job so customers don’t even need sweat. Moreover, we will edit and re-take records as required. Our expertise won’t make them disappointed. We even use some cool tricks to record more appealing commercial videos.

Even though we have many techniques to apply, we won’t overdo the job. We set up a limit when recording the videos. Just because we are good with it doesn’t mean we exaggerate everything. We only use what is needed with our clients’ approval. Also, we don’t overlook the quality. We combine both simplicity and creativity to make the videos going viral and popular among the audience. The most important part is the audience targeting. There are different people out there. Each of them has unique preferences regarding products and services. This fact will help us determine what kind of videos we are going to create for our clients.

The Importance of Commercial Videos

Why do businessmen need the commercial videos? It provides the opportunity to sell immediately. We put “call now” action into the videos. This strategy remains work surprisingly. We can help small businesses to sell either products or services with a better chance of direct sales. The audience will give a direct response to the videos. This means the sales can be generated promptly and the profits increase over time. At the end of the videos, we will include contacts and phone numbers in order to get audiences’ responses.

How much is it? Well, the cost varies based on the duration and concept. The clients can talk with us regarding the cost, in fact. We may give reasonable prices that won’t rip them off. Our goal is to bring more customers to our clients’ business. We can say our commercial videos are as much effective as other media like TV and radio. The goal is to provide information to the audience or public about specific products and encourage them to purchase these items. Traditional media advertising is very expensive. That’s why we recommend our clients to create commercial videos instead. We know that print advertisements are cheaper. However, these won’t give much exposure as our clients have expected.

The internet becomes the best solution when it is about advertising. Besides being affordable, commercial videos on the internet may reach a wider scope of customers than printed ads like magazine or newspaper. The best benefit of online advertising is that it can aim targeted customers with higher sales and leads than other advertisement choices. Until recently, we have made lots of clients satisfied with our online commercial videos. We help them create both engaging and selling videos related to their business. We have the experience and creativity to satisfy our clients’ demands regardless of the type of the products.

Our Concerns when Creating the Videos

To be able to increase the potential of commercial videos, we apply some considerations. First of all, we will think about the cost. Our clients should decide how much money they want to use to make the videos. We work based on how much they pay us. If they want a voice over, they should pay more. We ensure to provide good voice over and graphics. What makes us special is that we will make the videos as related as possible to our clients’ business. We can even create longer duration videos with appealing messages.

The next thing we pay attention is the bandwidth. We ensure our clients have ample space to upload the videos. Sometimes, people make an order of an online commercial video with a large size. However, they don’t provide sufficient bandwidth to their site. This will be a problem. That’s why we should confirm everything first with them. In regards of production time, we will deliver it as soon as possible. We can complete a project in 48 hours in average. If our clients want it faster, we may charge them extra fees. The production time is also determined by how complicated the videos are.

In summary, the commercial videos always become appealing solutions for those who want to promote their business products or services. It’s because they can’t make the videos by themselves so they look for a service to do the job. In this case, we are confident with our expertise and knowledge to help those people. We work professional and we never fail to satisfy the clients. Not to mention we are more affordable when compared to other services. We also accept custom video creation for commercial purposes.