16 Nov 2015


16 Nov 2015
50.000 email address list from worldwide
- OR -
50.000 email address list from UK/USA
- OR -
An email address list from your specific industry (the amount may vary depending on the niche)
All new and active addresses
Time of delivery: 3 days
Email Newsletter Design
Email Newsletter Coding
Mobile Responsive Email Template
Suitable for every editorial content
All email clients supported (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Mail, iPhone, iOS, Android, iPad, MacMail, Lotus etc.)
Revisions: 1
Time of delivery: 4 days
Bulk mass email up to 50.000 of your users
Newsletter Analytics and Statistics
Cleaning list from inactive emails
You can make multiple orders of this service for larger quantity
You have to provide the email list or you can order it from us
Every further order will add 1 day to the total time of delivery
Time of delivery: 3 days
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