Competitors Auditions in SEO – Let’s Learn the Importance
18 Feb 2016

Competitors Auditions in SEO – Let’s Learn the Importance

In the world of search engine optimization,

18 Feb 2016

In the world of search engine optimization, there are many aspects of learning. Competitors’ auditions become more important these days. It’s imperative to understand the search result competition. However, many people don’t understand how to do so. They need to make use of our service, actually. We help them beat their competitor in the search engine. The first thing that we will do is to heck the rank of the sites. We have the tool to perform an SEO analysis and find out both of our clients’ or competitors’ rank in the search engine.

Why Do They Need Us?

The rule is simple. We will bring more score to our clients’ sites for a better authority. The home rank for the home page will be higher when compared to the domain rank. Why? There are many websites that link to the home page than others. We ensure that everything goes based on our clients’ demands. We listen to their requests regarding what kind of strategies that they want. Next, we will analyze the keywords competition. Those who are researching to see whether they can rank on specific keywords, they must see the page authority and domain in search results first. We will handle this thing.

Our next strategy is to analyze competitor pages optimization. We have the specific tool that helps us perform an on-page analysis. This is the simplest way to inspect images, descriptions, tags, and many more. We consider it as an important matter as it will be useful to compare our clients’ site against their competitors. Page titles will be very useful for SEO purposes and we will make them unique. We make use of keywords that match audience’s interests. Not all site owners understand the importance of search result competition. This is where we come in rescue.

We Do the Research

Well, let’s make it simpler. Competitors’ auditions aren’t difficult task for us. People only need rely on us both for the contenders’ analysis and research. Our first step is to perform the keyword research. We ensure our customers can match their keywords with their realistic target. Each topic or niche needs specific keywords. If it’s too general, there will be many big competitors out there. People have the freedom whether they want to be in a competitive industry or not. We utilize a particular tool that is able to organize their keyword buckets and concepts. Not to mention we also make use a keyword planner.

Our next step is to identify client’s top competitors. Once we gather the keywords, we may inspect the competitors by inserting those keywords to the search engine. Usually, we will use 10 top competitors to analyze. It’s common if there are same sites appearing over and over again. We will identify their rank for different keywords in the same niche. Later, we will add them to our client’s competitors list. We have some valuable tools that we use to determine competitors’ organic traffic and keywords in Google. However, we don’t always accurate. We only use it only as a starting point.

The focus is that we will find some sites that are truly competitive to our clients’. This means we only use the best competitors and identify the long tail terms for our customers. The next step is to analyze clients’ contenders. Once we have found the competitors, we will deep more into their profile. This is useful to grab insights regarding their quality. We may use a tool like Juice Tool in order to gather general metrics of those contenders. Next, we will learn their backlink profile by downloading it. Is it important? It’ll helpful if we analyze their trust flow and semantic link profile.

Later, we also use the content audit and social media to have an understanding of our clients’ competitors and their backlink profile. We may even research their social media strategy and content marketing. This way, we can find out how often they use social media platforms to post updates. Knowing their engagement ratio is also important. Our approach is to evaluate their social media accounts including FB, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. Our clients will learn how big sites perform their routines. This is a good start to compete with those giants.

Next Things that We Do

Our next step is to determine our clients’ barrier to strategy and entry. Once we have a clear understanding of the competitors, we will create some strategies based on the uncovered data. Our customers can use these strategies to start their online business. Once this is done, it’s time to determine how many links that our clients might need. Building irrelevant links doesn’t give positive effects to the site, after all. 100 relevant backlinks are more powerful than a hundred useless backlinks. We know it well. Also, we determine how many domain ranks required by my clients.

Next, we may determine the amount of articles needed to share on their blog per week. It includes the amount of focused keywords, posts, audience, and many more. The entire data we get from that research will be our backbone of SEO strategy. We can create the best structure of the campaign, after all. What about the social media? We also take advantage of it for sure. Social media platforms become more important for search engine optimization. We should compare our clients with their competitors in this regard, too. If that isn’t enough, we will make use of Alexa to get insights regarding daily demographics, page views, bounce rate, and others data.

In summary, people should get help from a professional like us to analyze their competitors before applying any SEO strategies. Competitors’ auditions aren’t easy tasks for those who don’t have enough experience and skills. We have the strategies how to analyze competitors, especially the best ones. With our help, the clients can choose what kind of keywords, strategies, and any types of preparation before compete with those big sites. Overall, we will help them get more views and insights about their contenders. Why? Blindly entering the competitive market is a bad decision. Many beginners often fall into this big mistake.

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