Proofreading / Editing: how important is for SEO content
11 Feb 2016

Proofreading / Editing: how important is for SEO content

The search engine does not rely on

11 Feb 2016

The search engine does not rely on how many keywords you put on a content in the websites. The rank in a search engine is determined by these two factors: the importance and relevance of the content. No matter how much you put keywords in the text but if it has no relevance with what people are looking for; no one will click on your websites.

That is how you get low conversion rate. To keep up with other websites and compete for audiences; you probably try to post content which has grammar error, spelling problems, and typos. However, to minimize with all the language problems; you have the choices: proofread the text or have a proofreader to do the language check for you.
Many of small business owners do not see the importance of proofreading the content. Compare to big company which have a big budget for advertising; small businesses likely depends on a good content writing to draw people attention. Here are the reasons why you need proofreading/editing for your website content.

What you write is your reputation

The truth is people judge your website or business by the content that you post. If there are plenty typos, grammatical errors, and low content quality on your content, how do you expect people to see you as a professional. People will also think poorly of your business and it is very unfortunate if people have a bad assumption of your website. The result is clear, low conversion, poor performance, and definitely less money. Always remember that your writing reflects your reputation.

Write for human

All business owners expect real human to read the content and increase the conversion rate. Therefore, make sure that you also write for a human. This means that your writing should meet the aesthetic purpose and also make sense. There are plenty of grammar and spell checking software, however, it only checks for spelling and has no ability to make the content make sense. People are smart; they want some quality content which has grammar standard and also beautifully written. Software definitely cannot do this; that is you need to proofread the content.

Proofreading is important

Proofreading/editing is not an option; it is a must if you want to improve the conversion rate and stay in the top-notch of the search engine. It is unavoidable that you have to do all the hard work for revising the content. The easiest way to proofread is after you finish writing the text; leave it for a couple of hours. Then, come again and read it out loud to find the mistakes and nonsense sentences. Or if you think the method does not work for you; you can hire a proofreading to get it done. A proofreader is a professional person who’s the job is to proofread. They have the excellent ability in analyzing content grammatical and spelling errors as well as make the content to meet the people and search engine demands. In addition, you can focus on other important things of your business while the proofreader does the text analyzing for you.

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