The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral

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The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral

The transition of marketing campaigns from communicating toward consumers to communicating with consumers is an important distinction that has many traditional businesses thrown through a loop. The efficacy of standard marketing practices is steadily decreasing, and the consumers are responding to a more interpersonal approach with surprising fervor. Brands are now publishing more content and displaying human characteristics in order to connect more with their target demographics, and going viral can mean the difference between the success of a newly emerging business and the absolute destructive failure of such a company. There are more than 5.3 trillion ads displayed online per year, which makes the odds of going viral relatively slim, even for preexisting companies with staunch brand recognition. So, how is one small company supposed to cut through all of the noise and advertisement pollution of social media and go viral? Studies have shown that emotional engagement is the number one factor for a successful viral campaign.

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Ghostwriting Becomes a Common Demand

Many people have big ideas to write. However, they have the problems whether it’s lack of experience or confidence in writing. This is why they need a help like us to write in a professional manner. Ghostwriting is a common term this day. This means people can trust an expert like us to write for various writing projects like blogs, articles, books, novels, and more. Most of our clients don’t have the passion for writing, but they have lots of fabulous ideas. They only need to trust the projects to us. We will do the hard work and they can simply wait for the projects to be done in a timely manner.

What We Can Give

What are the benefits of hiring ghostwriters? For starters, we enjoy writing. It’s a fact that many people don’t like to write. We provide benefits for the clients as we will write their ideas with passion. It doesn’t matter what kind of idea they want us to write. It can be either non-fiction or fiction. We can bring it to life as long as they provide us with the storyline. We do all the writing for the clients. Once we complete the project, it’s up to our clients to use a specific marketing strategy or not. After all, we have completed the half battle of it. Writing is a crucial phase, in fact.

Ghostwriting services like us have the familiarity with all different genres. The clients have the freedom to pick a genre and we will do the writing for them. Also, we can work with the project within a particular time frame. This means we won’t exceed the deadline set up by the clients. We have no reason to delay the project. We work from anyplace we are capable of. This means we can use our office or home to finish the entire projects in a timely manner. We work in all time frames whether morning, night or noon. The clients only need to pay for our service and let us handle the jobs.

Professionalism and Trustworthiness

There are also some companies with lots of cash that use our services. This way, we also consider our tasks as a business. Our clients may consider whether or not they hire a ghostwriter. If they don’t have the passion for writing, they can only tell us their ideas. This means we will do the hard part of the good writing creation. We accept all types of writing projects, actually. One thing, we also have the passion for writing. This means we are going to make it more

Whenever our clients need my help, we are ready for them. Plus, we accept different writing projects to satisfy their need. Ghostwriting also becomes one of best services, actually. We have the experience and we will handle the task for those people. Why do they trust us? We have proven to be a reliable writing service on the internet. We help any people who have big ideas but they can’t even pour those into good writings. This means they need our services.

Get the Best Creative Writing Services

Many clients have requested some projects regarding Creative writing. Our services help anyone who wants to turn creative ideas into professional writing projects like a short story, screenplay, song, novel, and other creative artworks. We know people have exceptional thoughts and imagination. The problem is that they don’t know how to realize those into writings. Why? They don’t have enough experiences and skill to do so. This is where we come to a rescue. For example, we include character creation, structure, dialogue, plot, and many aspects for writing some creative stories. What’s more?

Various Uses of Creative Writing

People can hire us for different purposes. Some people get help from us to share their experiences and stories. The others want to publish novels, memoirs, screenplays. After all, we accept any type of task based on order or demand. Some people hire us to handle their writing projects in the middle of creation while others need our help from the start. Wherever they need our help, we will provide the best service for them. We turn their ideas into a great manuscript. Our aim is to simplify the task of a screenplay, story, and other creative writings for everyone. We listen to their demands, after all.

Creative writing isn’t an easy task. We know that, for sure. Many people call us to help them with some projects. Why? They don’t have the confidence with their knowledge, skill, vision, and ideas. They only have something in mind and want to make it into good writings. Our services can help them accomplish that goal easily. We are confident with our skills to write any types of creative writing, after all. Our writers are the professionals in screenwriting and they can help clients do the projects at very competitive rates. Not to mention we never overlook the quality of the projects.

We Work Professionally

What can we do, actually? We work both on rewriting and editing. We won’t miss these things. This means we never send back the project to our clients before we perform thorough editing and proofreading. Also, we encourage our clients to register this work to ensure the protection of intellectual property. When it comes to writing novels, we know the importance of feelings. We include abundant characters feel into the novel. We put some room for those characters to grow. To make it more interesting, we also include some dramas into the stories. Conflicting scenes are also useful.

Creative writing requires lots of ideas and imagination. Our writings are also based on those aspects. We will make it easier for anyone who has the need to realize their imagination into writings. Both professionals and students can take advantage of our services, actually. We provide them with high standards of writing. Our boundaries of imagination are limitless. This means we can broaden the enthusiasm into something more useful. We either use our own ideas or based on our clients’ demand. In regards of writing styles, we also need to talk to them beforehand. Everything that we do is based on what our clients want.

How we Create High-Quality Writing for Social Media

Writing for Social Media is a particular skill that anyone needs to learn. Those who want to increase the revenue of their online business must know how to write well on the internet. It’s useful for branding and marketing. However, we know not all people are able to learn this specialty. As a professional service, we try to satisfy people who need to get high-quality content or articles for their social media accounts. We help any businessmen who need to increase their sales through those platforms. Even for clients who have a non-profit business, writing for social media is an important matter.

Let Us Do the Job

We are able to write based on skills that are suitable for social media exposure. This means our clients will get different types of writing as compared to academic, journalistic, and literary writing. We call it as copywriting. Our aim is to product sales writing and we will use our ability to persuade the readers to enter the shopping environment. We understand that many people don’t really know what copywriting is. They have different ideas when they hear this term for the first time. It’s because there are many different purposes of using our copywriting service. Still, we have different approaches for a distinct project that we handle.

Our clients have realized how important Writing for Social Media is. This type of writing becomes more important to all niches of business. In order to serve clients with a different background, we start with brevity in writing. We don’t use long and complicated writing style as people usually like a brief and short social media posts. These are something they want to read on the internet. To put it simply, readers avoid long posts when it comes to reading social media articles or descriptions. That’s why we write in a short and brief manner to provide more benefits for the product.

Quality is Our Key

Our next focus is the quality. The writing should be stand out. It’s because we make short posts so we must maximize their quality. We entail useful components such as power words, great titles, video, images, and many others to boost the visibility of the posts. Not to mention we will make it more useful for the readers. We never neglect the quality of the information included on the posts. We ensure it to be useful for the readers. With this consideration, we try to find out what the need of the readers and provide them with related content. As a result, they will come back again to read other posts from our clients’ account.

Even though the purpose of Writing for Social Media is mostly to get customers, we try to make it natural. This means we won’t create content that sounds like advertising. The aim is to enhance communication through social media platforms. We understand how important to bring their attention rather than focusing on marketing. We won’t make them running away from our clients’ business. Copywriting for social media is quite different when compared to those on blog or website. We will make it as professional as possible by combining high-quality content with a small portion of advertising.

The Importance of Sending Out a Newsletter in Marketing Strategy

Sending out newsletter is known as one of the crucial things in business strategy, since it is a communication tool in business. This activity is quite important especially for the people who run a startup business and company. As a marketing material, it is usually published periodically so that the clients who subscribe to it will get the recent news. Therefore, it contains announcement, recent updates, and news about certain subject from a company to the clients. As a kind of short publication, it usually consists of only one or two pages.

In fact, spreading newsletter has many importance. These days, it is not merely a public relation tools that gives recent updates for the client, but it has any other benefits for the company. Having an email campaign program consistently can be proven support the duration and existence of the company. It can be a beneficial assets communication media for the company and targeted clients. For example, if the company releases a news that the clients might like or the company holds certain local events that the clients might enjoy, delivering the news through an email will be very helpful.

Besides, having newsletter is a great way to expand your network and also attract new client. By looking at the news that has been given, there might be many potential clients that really care about the product and wait for any kind of update from the company. Here, the simple effort can really shorten the sales process. Moreover, it also allows you to reach wider range of clients in an effective way. Just by clicking a link, an overseas client might find that the product is attractive and wants to know more about it.

A newsletter becomes an urgent need for the business developer or business owner nowadays. That is why, it is important to choose the right service provider which can really understand every client needs. Here, we provide you the best service of creating newsletter based on your business need.

Attractive template

An attractive template will make the clients interested in the news written. Here, we provide several attractive templates that is suitable for any kind of your business needs. We also have variety of sections and topics, such as: section for response, and industry news that make it more attractive. To customize the template design that you need, you can contact us for further information.

Good Readability

We use understandable vocabulary and words to make sure the readability. We also do proofreading to avoid any kind of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Interesting Headlines

A headline is the very first thing read by the clients. Besides, a good headline can represent a well-read content. That is why, we use a strong and interesting headline to evoke the clients’ curiosity toward certain product.


Email delivery service is one of our concern. We guarantee the deliverability of the news to the subscribers’ inbox.
Newsletter is a key point of the business development as it maintains the communication between clients and the company. For your optimal newsletter and email marketing need, we are ready to give you two great services: writing newsletter and sending newsletter.

A Great Press Release that Will Boost Your Business

Press releases are brief written statements or documents that is targeted to the members of media. Moreover, it should contain details and information of certain products, events or other newsworthy things produced by a company. The main goal of this written statement is to evocate journalist, publication or broadcast’s interest toward the development of certain product or company. As a matter of fact, press statements take an essential role, especially in the public relation strategy and also a company’s business development. By having a great piece of press statement, media will get the most updated information about the development of the company. In addition, it will also pique journalist curiosity to dig more about the further topic. That is why, creating a good media release will definitely be a good start of your new business since it tends to give a positive impact for your business or product. Our service focuses on creating a well-structured statement along with the great content that will generate media’s interest and appear in their article. Therefore, our service is also emphasizing on these following points for your total satisfaction:

Using Standard Format

We are using standard press release format to ensure the readability. A standard format starts with contact information and is followed by a headline. After a strong headline, we provide a brief summary of the news containing the details that motivates journalists to read any further.

Stating a good and strong headline

Since a headline is the very first thing read by the journalists, we realize that it is important to make a headline with catchy yet intrigue phrase in a news release. Here, we create a strong and captivating headline that will arise readers’ interest (especially journalists and publications), toward the details of the message.

Putting the Information Needed and Highlighting the Point

Too much unnecessary words will decrease the value of the news. Thus, we make a short and simple press statements that contains main points of the message. This is important to build a strong connection to keep the journalists and publication informed about any kind of developments of the business.

Providing Relevant Quotes and Citation from Credible Source

Quotes and citation are quite significant in a press release. It is because most media usually use those quotes directly in their news. Besides, a quote will add a human element in it. Here, we provide you a news story with relevant quotes and citation taken from credible source.

Providing proper grammar and spelling

A grammar mistake can lead you into a serious problem. Therefore, every press release is proofread accurately by our professional team to make sure that we always provide you proper and correct grammar and spelling.

Being SEO Friendly

We choose several keywords which are highly related to the company and the product on the press release. This will definitely optimize and expose the visibility of the news on the web that will be beneficial for increasing your business development.

A great news copywriting service will help you to spread out the news in blog and web posts also in the stories. Our service will serve you the best for the optimal web exposure of your business.

Website Copywriting to Improve Conversion Rate

Everyone can write but not everyone can write effectively especially for website copywriting. It is indeed an ugly truth that plenty professional business owners cannot write effectively. However, regardless your education background or what business you run; you have to start writing for the website as the important part of the marketing strategy. To improve the conversion rate, be it follow, download, or sign up; the website should have something appealing which attracts people attention. In this case, a good website copywriting plays the important role it can draw or drive away people attention. If you plan to start writing or want to revise the current writing on the website; these following tips can help you write in a better way and increase the conversion rate.

Get your research

You need people to do something on your websites such as sign up, purchase, follow, or anything to improve the conversion rate. In order to get them to do that, you need to get to know what makes the customers interested or drive them away. In a simple way, you need to find out why the customers want to buy your product or sign up to your website or any of your goal conversion and why they do not want to do so. If you have the information in hand, make sure that the website copywriting covers the customers’ needs. The most effective way to get their motivations and discourage through direct ask them. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any kinds to get closer to the customers.

Use proper language

Show your professional look by using proper language. Yes, you should use proper spelling and grammar. I know it reminds you of the school day but no excuse. In addition to grammar, try to choose active voice when you write for a stronger writing. To keep your writing clean, take a break once you finish writing it and come back again to read the text. This way you can easily identify the writing problems.

Focus on the customer

Your website should focus on the customer. It means that do not talk about you too much. Many businesses fail to attract prospective customers because they are too much focusing on themselves. Unless you can tell the customers for why they should care about your website, too much focus on yourself does not matter. If you think that your matter will amaze your customers; then you have to write how it will benefit them. However, it is about how to impress your customer; it is not about you. If you fail to tell them what the benefits they will get; they will definitely walk away.

Show them the benefits

Your customers do not actually care about you or your business; they care about how much the business will do good benefits for them. People find someone who can solve their problem; if you include benefits in your writing, the customers will realize that you can help solving their matters.

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Understanding a Good SEO Article Writing

When it comes to creating killer content for websites and blog; there are two main keys which you should take into consideration: creating a high-quality content that will draw people attention and increase conversion and broadcast the content to reach a broader audience. The best way to get your websites into the world is to create an optimized content and make it visible in search engine. Even though these two items, good quality content, and search engine visibility, probably appears weird as it is two different things; however, those two points is essential for marketing goal. The website content should be written in a dynamic tone, well-written, give benefit and also inform valuable knowledge to the audience. Nevertheless, no matter how well you write the content; it will be useless when it remains in the bottom of the website. Content with high SEO rank can stand out in the top list of the search engine; however audiences today are smarter and if you just simply write content with keywords, they will walk away. Here are some points that can help you create good SEO article writing.

Get the relevant keywords

When you are planning to upload content on your websites; it is better to take some time to make search engine such as Google recognize your effort. It is better to do some research for what the popular keywords or phrases that most people search. Make sure to keep track on how often you should work on the keywords for the website content. You can use a certain tool to keep updated for the targeted keywords.

Spread the keywords in the content

For a maximal result, it is not enough to use 2-3% of keywords in the content. You need to write the keywords in the title of the text or website content and also use it in the first as well as last sentence. Through this way, the keyword will appear in the top list of the search engine which then draws people attention. You have to keep in mind that people searching for certain keywords in the search engine because they eager to know about the keywords. Therefore, if you can give them what they want; in return, you will earn more clicks and improve the conversion rate. That is the little secret from experienced SEO article writer.

Make long but good quality writing

If your website is newly launched; you certainly think that 100 words of good writing article are still better rather than no post. For your information, surprisingly, search engine tends to more prefer longer web content. Consider for posting 300 words or if it is possible 500 or more words article. However, make sure not to write the extra long sentences and paragraphs. In simple, the content should be long enough, straight to the point, and use proper language, grammar and aesthetic.

Edit the work

If you are curious of what the difference between experienced SEO writer and common people; the answer is self-editing. There is plenty software which can make the language checking easy; however, that program cannot fulfill the aesthetic aspect of the content.

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Impressive Product/Service Descriptions

How impressive is your Product/Service description? Is it impressive enough to attract people to engage with the description and then click the “add to cart” button? Impressive Product/Service description is important to boost the sales rate. However, not many of business or shop owners are able to write an attractive description for their product/service. Well, everybody indeed can write; but only some of them can write impressive products description. If you are a business or online shop owner; there is no excuse to not able write a persuasive description. Here are few points to help you write an impressive and persuasive product description and break the sales record.

Read before you write

Have you ever stuck in writing a great content product? If you want to write an impressive content product, it is better to search for example. You have to inform yourself of what is an impressive product description look like. The inspiration for a great content should not always come from e-commerce sites; there are blogs, magazines, books, and such thing for the inspiration source. In simple words, read a lot for a great writing content.

Make a draft

When you want to write the content, make a draft organize your thought. You will need to think like a journalist who uses the 5W + 1H formula which means who, what, why, when, where, and how method to get the description started.

  • Who is the targeted audience? It can be gender, group age, and other groups of people.
  • What are the products/services details and features? It includes functions, materials, features, size, and many more.
  • Why should they buy the Product/Service from you? You can emphasize on how the product gives benefits to the customers.
  • When should the customers use the product/service? Is it for daily or seasonal wear?
  • Where can the customers use the products/services? Give the customer information on where they can use your product.
  • How do the products work? Not every product may need explanations on this, but if you are selling something like electronic devices, it is a must.

Insert bullet points

Most people may only skim the product content before leaving your website. Thus, you have to make them curious and stop to write the description. Combine text and bullet points to draw their attention. It is important to keep in mind that bullet point only is not the best way to describe the product. Therefore, you need to combine the two points, for instance, two or three paragraphs and a bullet point for features. It is indeed not that easy to write such description; however, with some practice, this should not be a problem anymore.

Emphasize on benefits

People care about products/services which can benefit them. They may not too interested in the product features or how it works, but they are looking for is those features can benefit them in a good way. When you write the draft, list all of the features and specification; then look for how it will give benefit to the potential customer. Explain to your customers on how the amazing feature of your Product/Service can be beneficial for them.

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Proofreading / Editing: how important is for SEO content

The search engine does not rely on how many keywords you put on a content in the websites. The rank in a search engine is determined by these two factors: the importance and relevance of the content. No matter how much you put keywords in the text but if it has no relevance with what people are looking for; no one will click on your websites.

That is how you get low conversion rate. To keep up with other websites and compete for audiences; you probably try to post content which has grammar error, spelling problems, and typos. However, to minimize with all the language problems; you have the choices: proofread the text or have a proofreader to do the language check for you.
Many of small business owners do not see the importance of proofreading the content. Compare to big company which have a big budget for advertising; small businesses likely depends on a good content writing to draw people attention. Here are the reasons why you need proofreading/editing for your website content.

What you write is your reputation

The truth is people judge your website or business by the content that you post. If there are plenty typos, grammatical errors, and low content quality on your content, how do you expect people to see you as a professional. People will also think poorly of your business and it is very unfortunate if people have a bad assumption of your website. The result is clear, low conversion, poor performance, and definitely less money. Always remember that your writing reflects your reputation.

Write for human

All business owners expect real human to read the content and increase the conversion rate. Therefore, make sure that you also write for a human. This means that your writing should meet the aesthetic purpose and also make sense. There are plenty of grammar and spell checking software, however, it only checks for spelling and has no ability to make the content make sense. People are smart; they want some quality content which has grammar standard and also beautifully written. Software definitely cannot do this; that is you need to proofread the content.

Proofreading is important

Proofreading/editing is not an option; it is a must if you want to improve the conversion rate and stay in the top-notch of the search engine. It is unavoidable that you have to do all the hard work for revising the content. The easiest way to proofread is after you finish writing the text; leave it for a couple of hours. Then, come again and read it out loud to find the mistakes and nonsense sentences. Or if you think the method does not work for you; you can hire a proofreading to get it done. A proofreader is a professional person who’s the job is to proofread. They have the excellent ability in analyzing content grammatical and spelling errors as well as make the content to meet the people and search engine demands. In addition, you can focus on other important things of your business while the proofreader does the text analyzing for you.

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