Website Copywriting to Improve Conversion Rate
11 Feb 2016

Website Copywriting to Improve Conversion Rate

Everyone can write but not everyone can

11 Feb 2016

Everyone can write but not everyone can write effectively especially for website copywriting. It is indeed an ugly truth that plenty professional business owners cannot write effectively. However, regardless your education background or what business you run; you have to start writing for the website as the important part of the marketing strategy. To improve the conversion rate, be it follow, download, or sign up; the website should have something appealing which attracts people attention. In this case, a good website copywriting plays the important role it can draw or drive away people attention. If you plan to start writing or want to revise the current writing on the website; these following tips can help you write in a better way and increase the conversion rate.

Get your research

You need people to do something on your websites such as sign up, purchase, follow, or anything to improve the conversion rate. In order to get them to do that, you need to get to know what makes the customers interested or drive them away. In a simple way, you need to find out why the customers want to buy your product or sign up to your website or any of your goal conversion and why they do not want to do so. If you have the information in hand, make sure that the website copywriting covers the customers’ needs. The most effective way to get their motivations and discourage through direct ask them. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any kinds to get closer to the customers.

Use proper language

Show your professional look by using proper language. Yes, you should use proper spelling and grammar. I know it reminds you of the school day but no excuse. In addition to grammar, try to choose active voice when you write for a stronger writing. To keep your writing clean, take a break once you finish writing it and come back again to read the text. This way you can easily identify the writing problems.

Focus on the customer

Your website should focus on the customer. It means that do not talk about you too much. Many businesses fail to attract prospective customers because they are too much focusing on themselves. Unless you can tell the customers for why they should care about your website, too much focus on yourself does not matter. If you think that your matter will amaze your customers; then you have to write how it will benefit them. However, it is about how to impress your customer; it is not about you. If you fail to tell them what the benefits they will get; they will definitely walk away.

Show them the benefits

Your customers do not actually care about you or your business; they care about how much the business will do good benefits for them. People find someone who can solve their problem; if you include benefits in your writing, the customers will realize that you can help solving their matters.

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