Content Care E Brand Building: Let’s Go Beyond the SEO
29 Jun 2017

Content Care E Brand Building: Let’s Go Beyond the SEO

SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

29 Jun 2017
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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This includes utilizing a variety of methods and approaches to improve visibility of a website by acquiring a high ranking in search engines. Probably the most familiar search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  This ranking is important because most people don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a product.  People searching for a specific item will probably click on a website near the top of the listings rather than keep searching through several pages of lists.   So Search Engine Optimization helps get websites to better rankings.

Another purpose of the SEO is to make the search engine result match up with what the user is searching for.  This is done by optimizing meta data and bits of text to make sure this piece of information matches the substance of the inquiry in order to reach a high Click Through Rate (CTR) from search results.

The positive note about SEO is that it this information keeps working for months and years bringing you more traffic, which in turn brings you more business.  Of course, if you don’t keep updating your information, there comes a point where the value of the SEO begins to diminish.

  • Content Care E Brand Building

Brand Building is bringing about recognition, building and promoting a company by creative advertising and strategic promotions. The reason to build a brand is to create an exclusive picture of the company.

Requirements for Branding:

  • Strategy is the plan a company utilizes to attract customers’ interest.  This strategy is birthed when a company defines a brand that expresses their business model. The next step is to create a message that targets the consumers’ emotion.  This message must be consistent with the business model brand.
  • Differentiation is the process of persuading potential customers that your product differs from any others.  This requires a specific mission, distinctive values, and unique goals.
  • Brand Equity is the added value of a brand due to the consumers’ perception that Brand A is superior to Brand B of the same category. Because of this perception, the consumers are willing to pay more for Brand A.

The ways you handle your brand building will either cause your brand to grow, or it will stand still and decline with time. In Brand Building there must be constant promotions to keep consumers convinced that your brand is still the better one.  So, you can’t build your brand and then rest on your laurels.  Some other brands are still out there wanting your spot.

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