Examples of Viral Marketing
05 Sep 2017

Examples of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can generate a huge amount

05 Sep 2017

Viral marketing can generate a huge amount of interest for your company, product, or service. Whatever it is you offer, going viral on the internet is a powerful tool. However, it is not that easy to do. The internet is a massive place, and finding success there can be the biggest uphill battle imaginable. To make it to that point, and to go viral, you should look at the biggest successes, or some of the biggest, in viral marketing. They did it right and they made a lot of money off it.

Old Spice
Old Spice makes men’s hygiene products. Their products freshen you up and make you feel good. That is their purpose and that is something a lot of people know about them. Most people, men and women, probably gave the company very little thought before their commercials hit it big online. Using muscular men and a constantly moving set, they created odd and hilarious commercials. These became a big hit online, shared and adored by millions across the globe. They made Old Spice an even bigger name than it was.

Dove is another hygiene company, though for women. A popular company for their soaps and deodorants, a lot of people already knew the name. Their viral campaign, though, made people love it. It was not about what the product could do, but the person using it. Their beauty within campaign aimed
to show women that true beauty, regardless of weight or appearance, came from within. It was about being confident in your skin and not letting your anxieties or worries get the best of you, and it worked.

ALS is a disease that most people know. Not because of how common it is, but because of the Ice Bucket Challenge. A few years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge became a thing. While the ALS Foundation had no hand in it, they raised an immense amount of money for the organization and for people suffering with
ALS. By getting people to do something ridiculous for a good cause, they were able to get people across the world involved. Celebrities and the average person alike was doing it.

You can find viral campaigns nearly every day. Companies from Skittles to entire governments are using this as a way to attract attention and send a message. It works, too. With a good ad, something that draws people in and creates engagement or sets itself apart, going viral is possible.

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