The Marketing Lies: How Companies Orient Our Consumption
12 Oct 2017

The Marketing Lies: How Companies Orient Our Consumption

Do you believe that the company plays

12 Oct 2017

Do you believe that the company plays a huge role in your purchase decision? Most individuals are of the belief that the choices they are making are solely based on a comprehensive analysis of all the positive alternative.

However, this is not so. Unknown to you, the company or brand is influencing your buying decision either physically, mentally, or emotionally. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the ways companies orient our consumption.

Physical Influence

As much as we love what we see, the majority of individuals are attracted to smooth, glossy products, or the ones with bright colors. Virtually everyone falls for this. Once the color is bright and shiny, we are easily swayed. In fact, most people will gladly sacrifice a little bit of quality once the product is colorful, bright, and shiny. Today, companies produce more of these colorful products, thus, encouraging us to buy more.


Mental Influence

Companies make use of advertisement to cajole us to buy their products. Products are usually advertised in such a way that the moment we buy them, they will solve even our smallest problems. We believe this and end up giving the product a try. At the end of the day, the product may not work just the way we expected it. Nevertheless, companies will continue to use these well-thought-out ads and marketing campaigns to influence our mental belief about their product.


Emotional Influence

Emotions remain one of the main reasons consumers often buy brand name products. We prefer to pay more for the brand name products even after knowing that we can still get the same quality or ingredient from other brands at a relatively cheaper price. These brands tell stories that communicate.

The majority of these brands have found a way to create an emotional connection with consumers. The narrative used in advertising and promoting their brand is astonishing. They tell you what their product means to consumers, why you should care, and the benefits you stand to achieve. After hearing all these, won’t you be convinced to buy their product?


There you have it! The above are some of the ways companies influence our buying decision. Even after having a bad experience, we are always willing to give these brands a benefit of the doubt.

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