Trusted YouTube Shares Service: Anything You Need to Know
01 Mar 2016

Trusted YouTube Shares Service: Anything You Need to Know

Being as the second largest search engine

01 Mar 2016

Being as the second largest search engine after Google, more and more people use YouTube as a search engine in related to how to video. It is no longer a secret that compared to text content; video content is more engaging as well as more informative. According to research, most people will only spend for about four seconds and less on a website, but on the other hand, they can spend for about 2.7 minutes on watching an online video. For your information, the general television commercial is around 15-30 seconds only. Now, you can think of what you can do to get the audience attention in the 2.7 minutes of their time.

It is the fact that video is a powerful SEO content; however, if you are not in the top list of YouTube search list, will the video still as powerful as it supposed to be? While the video is a powerful SEO content; getting the high rank on the YouTube is not that easy. There are indeed plenty of YouTube advice on the Internet but does it really worth to try considering there are different marketing strategies for different brands depends on the competition amount, audiences, products, and many more. If you are new to the YouTube world; here is some quick information on guides about YouTube.

Fact of YouTube

When it comes to marketing strategy, the demand for fresh, creative, and relevant content seemingly never ends. Text contents were once dominating the marketing strategy; however, things have changed, the video content has taken over the stream. As people choose the video content over text bring YouTube as the second largest search engine. According to research, more than one billion users of any kind visit YouTube every month. Localized in 56 countries and available in 61 languages, there are more than 6 billion hours is spent to watch video on YouTube. In addition to the fact, millions of people subscribe to YouTube channel on each day and the number is doubled and more since last year. Google owns YouTube; it is natural that the videos will also be ranked and displayed in Google search results which are very beneficial for SEO purpose.

How video can boost the SEO rank

You certainly still wonder why videos draw more people attention than text content. The answer is simple; it is because not everyone enjoys reading. If in the common text content, an audience needs to read for like four paragraphs of your business description. On the other hand, with a few minutes of short video, you can expose your business with the same purpose. Video in some way humanizes the company as it shows the audiences and potential customer for the creative people behind the products. In addition, the video is easy to share on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. The more shares that you got for the video on YouTube mean the more audience that you get.

As the second largest search engine owned by Google, YouTube video also ranks on the Google search results. While the YouTube also using complex algorithms like Google to determine the rank, the more authority a video has; it will also rank highly in the related keyword searches. See, the video is a powerful tool to boost the SEO rank.

What affect the YouTube rank?

While the actual YouTube algorithms which determine the rank are merely a secret; you can go for the actual thing that affects the rank. Getting more shares on the YouTube will make more people discover your channel. Using our YouTube shares service will help you get into the top rank of search engine and make more people watch your content.

How to improve YouTube rank

It is undeniable that YouTube increases the rate conversion for those which place in the top list of the second largest search engine. When talking about a strategy to get into the top list of the search engine, it is almost the same as the content text. Here are some ways to help improve the YouTube rank.

Quality – before you aim to get people watch your video, make sure that content is worth watching. You have to be proud of the content that you are airing. If the video has poor quality for sounds and script; you cannot keep the audience for the 2.7 minutes. The video that you publish is the representation of your company and business. People will judge you by what they see; therefore, it is important to make the best quality video. We provide high-quality video for every of your need. Our professional staffs will listen to your need and create the best quality video, and you publish it on your channel.

Get more shares – fake comments and likes is no longer an effective way to improve the rank. You need engaging audiences who will not only watch your video but also share it as well. The more shares that you get meaning that more people recognize you. The number of shares indeed helps YouTube to easily identify that you have good quality video content and place it in the top rank of the search engine. Using our YouTube shares service, your video will receive at least 2.000 video shares. Combined with likes, comment, subscribers, as well as views; our YouTube video shares service will definitely send a positive signal to YouTube.

Keyword research – Google uses the words to determine what content is all about. Therefore, using exact keywords is essential in order to help your content get top rank in the search engine list. Make sure to use related keywords with the business to help YouTube determines the rank. Similar to the text content, include keywords in the title can boost the ranking. Your viewers should know what the content is all about from the title. In addition, use the keywords in the description can also be a big help without overused the keywords since it will ruin the chances to get into the top list. For better results, insert the website or blog link in the video description to make the audience easier to find you.

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