Video Sharing Service to Help Spread the Video
01 Mar 2016

Video Sharing Service to Help Spread the Video

The world has now changed from reading

01 Mar 2016

The world has now changed from reading to watching. People nowadays choose to watch video content over reading the text; that is why video marketing is more promising than the textual content. The video marketing appears more attractive to the audience and delivers the message quicker in a creative way. The optimized video marketing content is definitely very powerful to boost the business.

Being in the first rank of the search engine is the main goal of every marketing strategy. Google now cares less about the keyword optimization and more focus on the content quality. As an important part of SEO, video content is considered as an effective way to promote your websites. If you are still not aware that video can be beneficial to boost the conversion rate of a website; here is information about anything that you need to know about video content and also video sharing service.

How video marketing gives you instant result?

The fact that not everyone enjoys reading textual content becomes the main reason why video draws much of people attention. With a few minutes of video, you can describe your business and deliver it in a more fun and creative way. Whether you host your video by yourself or using video sharing service; video content in a certain way humanizes the company. It helps expose your company and website in a more communicative way. Sharing the video content is indeed the easiest way to boost the website traffic as it is a powerful media to attract many audiences.

How to optimize the video for SEO?

How search engine determine the rank still remains in secret as it uses complex algorithms. However, following the right way to optimize the video content can help to get placed in the top rank of the search engine. The search engine may unable to read the keywords straight from the video; but, it uses the video title, location, and description to decide the rank. Here are some factors that can be used to optimize the video for SEO.

Keywords – the title and the captions of the video should include the related keywords. The related keywords will make the video accessible to the users. The use of the keywords is similar to the text content in which it helps people easy to find the video.

Transcribe the video – if the video explains about certain things; you probably want to consider transcribing the video and add that transcription to your website page. Although Google is considered as pretty good for parsing the content of the video; if you transcribe the video it certainly will help to spread the video.

URL – one of the best video SEO practice is the optimization of URL to get the desired results. URL is the address of the video on the website; the very address is the path which search engine such as Google must follow to be able to locate and get your file. The relevant file name for the video is also essential to help boost the rank. In addition, keep the video short to keep people interest of your video.

Spread the video – after uploading the video; it is essential to let the people know about the video presence. There are many ways to spread the video; you can use social media or social forums to spread the word.

Use video sharing – using video sharing websites can definitely increase the traffic since your video will be displayed elsewhere. We offer video sharing service which will share your video to over 35 video sharing websites. This definitely is a pretty good offer to spread your video and reach wider audiences.

Benefits of using video sharing website

Video sharing service certainly helps to spread the word in order to reach wider audiences. The main benefit is the additional exposure that video sharing service offered. Once your video in on the video sharing websites; it definitely receives additional exposure which leads to more people watching and also more click to the website. On the video sharing websites; you can even build an additional identity for your company. You also have the opportunity to appear on the “related” video lists on the competitor video display. In addition, using video sharing service also allows you to not only easy to link the URL but also directly embed the video to your website. The video sharing websites give you control of the embedded video size. We offer to make a good quality video content and also share it in over 35 video sharing websites. This will certainly help to increase the watch time and also website visit.

Additional tips

Getting exposure after uploading the video is the matter of where you upload the very file. There are basically plenty video sharing that you can use which includes the second largest search engine, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and many more. Video sharing websites manage the video distribution. Some websites also provide video creation tools. As aforementioned, we offer to share your video to the video sharing websites with the best quality video. Even though video SEO seems not difficult but it requires much of your time. Consider using our sharing service especially if you have limited time to optimize the recent source. Uploading the video into video sharing websites cannot be done recklessly; here are additional tips to optimize the video sharing websites.

1. Labeling – use the website URL to label the video; therefore, no one will wrongly accuse the video source. You can also watermark the video with the URL address.

2. Fill the description – for every video that you upload, make sure that you fill the description of the video and insert related keywords in it. The description is the first thing that audiences see when they type the related keywords.

3. Upload caption file or transcription – YouTube allows users to upload the transcription of the file. Consider transcribing the video and see if it helps to spread the word.

The video has literary taken over the marketing strategy as more and more demand for a creative and communicative content. Using our video sharing service to share your video to more than 35 websites will definitely help you reach wider audiences and increase the traffic.

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