Image-Sharing Sites to Boost Business Popularity
22 Feb 2016

Image-Sharing Sites to Boost Business Popularity

Social sharing is quite effective to boost

22 Feb 2016

Social sharing is quite effective to boost online business or other commercial activities. The image is a better medium to spread business message. The question is how people can maximize the picture or image sharing on the internet. To satisfy this demand, we will be a reliable service to submit our customers’ image to different sites. We work with 25 sharing sites, in fact. Why they need us? Some sites like Flickr don’t allow the users to engage commercial activities by using their site. It seems unsatisfactory for businessmen. That’s why we will take care of this problem so our clients can freely aim to use their image for a sole commercial purpose.

Why Should People Use Photo-Sharing Sites?

What are the benefits of image social sharing? First of all, it helps customers understand services and products better. Showing an image to potential customers will be more appealing and powerful than writing about it. Images and pictures are quite great to describe brands, services, or products to people. As a result, these people will gain better insight and knowledge regarding the business. Also, spreading images to different social sharing site may promote one’s business name or brand. Our clients can create photo set or profile that includes their brand or business name. This is an easy method to increase the popularity of their business. People will learn the brand more widely.

We help the clients to boost their site traffic and social media accounts. Our photo sharing services are suitable for those who want to bring more customers to their social media pages or website. We may use some sites like Pinterest to post client’s link on each image that we pin. When users click on the image, they will be directed to our client’s business site. Unfortunately, Flickr doesn’t allow this kind of thing. We will mention the brand and posting high-quality images instead. This will be sufficient to encourage users to search the name of our clients’ business on Google.

The next benefit is to build a strong connection with customers. Many image sharing sites allow users to communicate through comments on the photos. We understand all the features of those image sharing sites. That’s why we will maximize our clients’ image exposure by utilizing those sites. Not to mention we will use those features to develop client’s relationship with their current and potential customers. Plus, we will aim for word-of-mouth marketing or recommendations. Photo sharing sites allow users to find what they like and recommend to others. Pinterest is our favorite site to achieve this goal.

There are many other benefits people can get by using our services. We will improve their rank on the search engine by taking advantages of photo sharing sites. Uploading photos or images at those sites will improve our client’s search engine ranking. As a result, they will get a better rank on the search engine.

Posting images on those sites may elevate their search engine ranking. As a result, they appear better on the internet. It’s true that search engines aren’t able to view pictures, but they are able to read the information described on the images. We will improve clients’ search engine position by including a business name description on their images before we share it with the photo sharing sites. The more people view these images, the stronger the effect will be.

By using our help, people can organize, save, and edit images on the photo sharing sites, easily. We will take care of everything for them. This means they don’t need to waste their computer space anymore. Furthermore, we will find new pictures or images for them from those sites. The next question what exactly we will do for the clients. Some people don’t know yet about our services, after all. Here are things what we can do for them.

What do we do for the clients?

First things first, we may decide whether the images may help our clients’ business or not. We understand that not all businesses are fit for photo-sharing sites. Fashion, hospitality, and tourism are great business that will take a big advantage of image promotion. On the other hand, we will be hard to share images of those who work in computer programming, accounting, or plumbing industry. That’s why we will determine whether or not those images can boost our clients’ business. It will be useless if there’s no connection between the business and the images that we share on those sites.

Our next approach is to pick the correct account and service. We may utilize 25 different image-sharing sites. We will take care of the distributions for the clients. When it’s about the photo uploading, Flickr is a great option. Picasa and Pinterest are also good. We may make use of paid accounts, too. Our goal is to provide the best exposure of clients’ brand name and business. We may create a strong publicity and profile for them. Even though it isn’t necessary, we will do it for them. It may increase the exposure rates of our clients’ images.

We know that a site like Flickr may prohibit the users to sell by using their service. In order to deal with that rules, we won’t upload commercial images in that site. We only use it as a catalog or linking to our clients’ sites. We will follow any rules of those photo-sharing sites. We don’t want our clients are banned due to a particular violation. Without our mediation, people often carelessly use image-sharing sites to market their business. In the end, they get banned due to a bad attitude.

The next thing that we will do is to track, promote, and plan. This set of strategy will ensure our clients’ business improvement. We may pay attention to many aspects including comments, likes, re-pins, and many others. All of these may affect the result of social photo sharing. Most people fail to do such task because they don’t have preparations. We make sure that thing won’t happen to our clients. We have the experience and we handle everything in a professional way.

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