Twitter Re-tweet Service to Get at Least 1000 Shares with Ease
22 Feb 2016

Twitter Re-tweet Service to Get at Least 1000 Shares with Ease

Twitter becomes the strongest competitor for Facebook.

22 Feb 2016

Twitter becomes the strongest competitor for Facebook. Since, it was launched a few years ago, now twitter have more than a hundred million users from all around the world. The twitter existence becomes the second choice for people to share their posts through social media. In addition, twitter is simpler rather than Facebook, which makes the users be able to update their status every second or every minutes. This seems promising for fast social sharing service and it is effective enough. Therefore, we, as a social sharing service offer you twitter re-tweeting service to get at least 1000 re-tweets done by our followers. Since, we have so many followers who are active on twitter every day.

What are the benefits sharing through twitter and re-tweet service? Twitter has simple interface, twitter has trending topic, we can post as many as we can without spamming, and twitter has re-tweet feature for easy sharing. Meanwhile, our re-tweet service is very reliable, because we have many followers around 160.000 followers from all over the world. Thereby, our tweets will be seen at least by a half of our followers, and at least 1000 followers re-tweet our post every day. As the time goes, our followers are also getting increased, so our service will never die in the future, and we will try to give new features which can make our clients satisfied and keep using our social sharing service.

Why use us? Our re-tweet service is one of the most reliable service that gives you a warranty to get your shared product viewed by our followers. It is a bit different from our Facebook fans page, because twitter-sharing service is more like an instant sharing service which mostly focuses on shared by re-tweeting. Therefore, the viewer or re-tweeter does not need to give a direct feedback to our post, what they do is just to re-tweet it or view your product. when your product goes viral, it may appear on twitter trending topic, which means that many people talk about your product, or when our followers re-tweet your product, your product may have chance to be viewed by other twitter users who may not follow our twitter account. It seems like simple ads with attractive way to promote your product to others.

How do we share your product through re-tweet service anyway? The way we share your product is similar to sharing through Facebook and other social media service. In this case, you only need to give us a url which contains the product and then we will share your url through our twitter post updates. It is very promising, because your product will be re-tweeted by up to 1000 followers. It is quite simple, but it is very effective. In addition, you will get more traffics when you use our service to share your own blog or website. This is a good idea for you who is active in blogging for getting visitors quickly.

What product can we share? Through twitter, we can share your site, url, post, article, video, and image. Not only shared on twitter, we will also share it on our Facebook fans page, instagram, video uploading to YouTube and vimeo, and pinterest. Using re-tweet service, your product will be seen by 160.000 followers and get more than 1000 re-tweets. On our Facebook fans page, you product will be posted to our 400.000 Facebook fans; more than 1000 users will share it again to their timelines. For video sharing, you will get at least 2000 shares on YouTube and at least 4000 views on Vimeo. For images, you will get at least 3000 instagram likes and 350 pinterest repins, and submit them on 25 image-sharing sites. Each product has three days delivery, except image sharing gets four days delivery.

What about the price? When you promote your product through twitter management, you may need to spend so much money. However, our re-tweet service does not offer expensive sharing service. You only need to pay around 84 dollars, then you will have all the features, Facebook sharing, twitter sharing, YouTube and vimeo video uploading, pinterest, and instagram. Our account on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, vimeo, pinterest, and instagram get new followers and subscribers every day. It means that we have a big chance for our post to be seen by the internet users.

How to get our social sharing service and make an order? To make an order, you can go to sharing service prices on this page. Then, you can click the button “Get it Now” depending on what product that you are going to share. After clicking the button, you will get into the cart. On this page, you need to fill the order quantity, since you can order more than one product. Cart total shows the price that you must pay, and next click “Proceed to Checkout” where it brings you to billing details. On this page, you are required to fill the details; first name, last name, email address, country, and account username and password. For the payment, we recommend you to use PayPal, or if you do not have one, you can pay with credit card.

In summary, using social sharing service to promote a product of yours can be the best idea to reduce expenditure. In this case, we can be your appropriate partner in promoting your product, especially digital product like video, photo, website, and article. The price offered is also reasonable and relatively cheap compared with other social sharing service. The number of our followers on our twitter account are also getting increased significantly nowadays. It makes us convinced to run this business today, tomorrow, next year, and forever. Moreover, we will try to make a new concept of advertising someday that can give more satisfaction to our clients. If you never try our service, it is time for you to try it and get your product to be popular and viral in the social media world.

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