Facebook Share Service for Good Promotion with more than 1000 Shares
22 Feb 2016

Facebook Share Service for Good Promotion with more than 1000 Shares

Viral Service is a creative advertising agency

22 Feb 2016

Viral Service is a creative advertising agency which offers some services like Web Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing, Video Production and Domain Development. We use social networking in running our business. One of which is Facebook share service that has already been viral right now in the world of advertising.

As we know, Facebook has more than a billion users around the world since it was released more than a decade ago. Facebook becomes the largest and the most developing social media which can get thousands new users every day. As if Facebook will never die, even it grows very fast as the time goes. Facebook has been becoming number one where many people share something to their friends through Facebook. Many people have put their advertisement on Facebook. They are willing to pay so much money to get their ads appeared on Facebook home page.

We, as a social sharing service, also offer you to share your business through us. You may share your website url, video, image, status, article, and social post and we will get your product to be shared to more than one thousand shares with a million of chances people seeing it. Some benefits can be reached through social sharing service.

What are the benefits sharing on Facebook via social sharing service? Firstly, Facebook has millions active users who probably can see your shared post. So it will give a lot of chances over your shared product to be seen and visited by internet users. Secondly, If you share your website on Facebook through our social sharing service, it will increase your website traffic. Thirdly, our service can make sure that your post will be shared more than 1000 shares.

Why Choose Us? Our service is reliable because we have some professionals who already experienced a lot in social sharing. Our clients also have proved our expertise in sharing any kinds of products, either commercial or not. By using some social media services, including Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Path, Instagram, Vimeo, and Pinterest, we could promote your video, photo, web url, and article, fans page, and group through Facebook and the other social media.

How do we share your product? We will publish your website url, photo, video, fans page, and many more to our page and then suggest those to the internet users, in this case through our Facebook Fans page. Since, we have a lot of friends on Facebook from all over the world who can see our post. When we publish it on our page, there will be some chances so that the internet users click it and see your product. We do not just publish it, but we also persuade the Facebook users to visit our post which contains your product.

This works simply, but quite efficient for promoting your product. You are no need to worry about your shared product to be failed, because our service guarantees the success of this way. We do not sell a fake service though, this is real and we have learned a lot how to impress people especially the Facebook users to visit shared post that we create. What happens if only a lot of people see and visit our shared post, in this case your product? Well, it will go viral, it means that somebody will share your product as well to other social media users out of our control such as twitter, path, instagram, and many more. Thus, your product will be popular around the social media.

We also have prepared some concepts for social media share service for each product. The way to share video is different from the way to share photo, web url, article, and fans page. For instance, we will post your video on our fans page on Facebook which has more than 400.000 fans and recommend them to see the video. Most of them are active users, so at least a quarter of them may open your video immediately. We also offer photo, article, and website sharing service to our Facebook fans page. We do not only share it to our Facebook page, but also to other pages such as twitter, instagram, YouTube, and pinterest with reachable price around 84 dollars for each product. Our Facebook fans page is getting increased every day, therefore the chance for them to see your product is getting bigger as well. What you need to do when using our service is to give your product url and then we will start to share it. For sharing article, video, and site we offer three days delivery, meanwhile for photo sharing we give you four days delivery.

Suppose you want to try our service, it is quite easy anyway. You just need to click “Get it Now” on our offers below and then you will go to a cart before checkout. Let us take a sample of ordering Photo sharing service. Scroll down to the social sharing price, next you click “Get it Now” under “Share your image”. After that, you are taken to a cart page for order information. You can share more than one image here, you just need to type the quantity. Total cart shows the price that you have to pay. Then, you may click Proceed to checkout button for payment. After that, you can fill the billing details. Red stars sign means you must fill it. For payment, you can use PayPal account or you can use your credit card in case you do not have PayPal account.

In summary, having a social sharing service as a partner in promoting your product is a good idea. Since, it can increase your website traffic due to many internet users will visit your url. Social media sharing service is relatively cheap rather than other service, but it is still effective and efficient somehow. By using our service, you will never feel regret at all, because our existence has been helping so many clients. And they also consider that our service in sharing things is satisfying and reliable.

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