A Great Press Release that Will Boost Your Business
12 Feb 2016

A Great Press Release that Will Boost Your Business

Press releases are brief written statements or

12 Feb 2016

Press releases are brief written statements or documents that is targeted to the members of media. Moreover, it should contain details and information of certain products, events or other newsworthy things produced by a company. The main goal of this written statement is to evocate journalist, publication or broadcast’s interest toward the development of certain product or company. As a matter of fact, press statements take an essential role, especially in the public relation strategy and also a company’s business development. By having a great piece of press statement, media will get the most updated information about the development of the company. In addition, it will also pique journalist curiosity to dig more about the further topic. That is why, creating a good media release will definitely be a good start of your new business since it tends to give a positive impact for your business or product. Our service focuses on creating a well-structured statement along with the great content that will generate media’s interest and appear in their article. Therefore, our service is also emphasizing on these following points for your total satisfaction:

Using Standard Format

We are using standard press release format to ensure the readability. A standard format starts with contact information and is followed by a headline. After a strong headline, we provide a brief summary of the news containing the details that motivates journalists to read any further.

Stating a good and strong headline

Since a headline is the very first thing read by the journalists, we realize that it is important to make a headline with catchy yet intrigue phrase in a news release. Here, we create a strong and captivating headline that will arise readers’ interest (especially journalists and publications), toward the details of the message.

Putting the Information Needed and Highlighting the Point

Too much unnecessary words will decrease the value of the news. Thus, we make a short and simple press statements that contains main points of the message. This is important to build a strong connection to keep the journalists and publication informed about any kind of developments of the business.

Providing Relevant Quotes and Citation from Credible Source

Quotes and citation are quite significant in a press release. It is because most media usually use those quotes directly in their news. Besides, a quote will add a human element in it. Here, we provide you a news story with relevant quotes and citation taken from credible source.

Providing proper grammar and spelling

A grammar mistake can lead you into a serious problem. Therefore, every press release is proofread accurately by our professional team to make sure that we always provide you proper and correct grammar and spelling.

Being SEO Friendly

We choose several keywords which are highly related to the company and the product on the press release. This will definitely optimize and expose the visibility of the news on the web that will be beneficial for increasing your business development.

A great news copywriting service will help you to spread out the news in blog and web posts also in the stories. Our service will serve you the best for the optimal web exposure of your business.

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