SEO Copywriting Techniques that Readers Love
20 Jun 2017

SEO Copywriting Techniques that Readers Love

Having targeted keywords has been the crucial

20 Jun 2017

Having targeted keywords has been the crucial determining factor in a business’s success since the dawn of the internet, but nowadays it simply isn’t enough to have content that coincides with specifically typed phrases. Search engines are getting more and more complicated with their algorithmic deductions of relevant sites, and you need to do more than simply show your keyword combinations throughout the entire page of content in order to make it big. As it turns out, employing certain copywriting techniques can actually dramatically improve your ranking and approval in terms of SEO. Because copywriting helps you repeat phrases without sacrificing compelling and engaging content, you can ensure excellent readability and a high ranking.

Technique #1: Incorporating Titles, Subheadings, & Conclusions

There are certain places that your keywords should absolutely be, no matter what. It simply makes sense. The title tag of your page is a phenomenal, hard-hitting location for some of your more pertinent keywords, and it will be automatically converted into the appropriate format on your blog. Titles and headings should be incredibly straightforward, conveying precisely the information that will be extrapolated on throughout the page itself. Subheadings give you the opportunity to restate keywords with more specificity and engagement, which allows readers to follow your thought progression with ease. Altogether, the headings, subheadings, and in-paragraph keyword repetitions should be seamless, allowing the entire article to flow flawlessly from introduction to conclusion without even alerting the reader to the apparent repetition. This enables you to guarantee reader satisfaction with little additional effort.

Technique #2: Using Great Phrasing & Synonyms

The real key to ensuring audience satisfaction is guaranteeing that they maintain interest and appreciation throughout the article. They need to feel compelled to continue their venture into the depths of your website, due to their eagerness to learn or the sheer appeal of your writing. A great opener is a wonderful way to grab someone’s attention, especially when that opener contains the keywords. In order to maintain rapt attention, however, you should definitively incorporate specific, straightforward terminology that adeptly depicts the relevant information. Being vague and generic might gain you a larger word count, but it certainly does not encourage comprehension and appreciation in the audience. You can make your pages more dynamic and engaging with specificity and synonyms, because true comprehension comes from finding multiple ways of phrasing similar ideas to ensure mutual understanding.

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