Impressive Product/Service Descriptions
11 Feb 2016

Impressive Product/Service Descriptions

How impressive is your Product/Service description? Is

11 Feb 2016

How impressive is your Product/Service description? Is it impressive enough to attract people to engage with the description and then click the “add to cart” button? Impressive Product/Service description is important to boost the sales rate. However, not many of business or shop owners are able to write an attractive description for their product/service. Well, everybody indeed can write; but only some of them can write impressive products description. If you are a business or online shop owner; there is no excuse to not able write a persuasive description. Here are few points to help you write an impressive and persuasive product description and break the sales record.

Read before you write

Have you ever stuck in writing a great content product? If you want to write an impressive content product, it is better to search for example. You have to inform yourself of what is an impressive product description look like. The inspiration for a great content should not always come from e-commerce sites; there are blogs, magazines, books, and such thing for the inspiration source. In simple words, read a lot for a great writing content.

Make a draft

When you want to write the content, make a draft organize your thought. You will need to think like a journalist who uses the 5W + 1H formula which means who, what, why, when, where, and how method to get the description started.

  • Who is the targeted audience? It can be gender, group age, and other groups of people.
  • What are the products/services details and features? It includes functions, materials, features, size, and many more.
  • Why should they buy the Product/Service from you? You can emphasize on how the product gives benefits to the customers.
  • When should the customers use the product/service? Is it for daily or seasonal wear?
  • Where can the customers use the products/services? Give the customer information on where they can use your product.
  • How do the products work? Not every product may need explanations on this, but if you are selling something like electronic devices, it is a must.

Insert bullet points

Most people may only skim the product content before leaving your website. Thus, you have to make them curious and stop to write the description. Combine text and bullet points to draw their attention. It is important to keep in mind that bullet point only is not the best way to describe the product. Therefore, you need to combine the two points, for instance, two or three paragraphs and a bullet point for features. It is indeed not that easy to write such description; however, with some practice, this should not be a problem anymore.

Emphasize on benefits

People care about products/services which can benefit them. They may not too interested in the product features or how it works, but they are looking for is those features can benefit them in a good way. When you write the draft, list all of the features and specification; then look for how it will give benefit to the potential customer. Explain to your customers on how the amazing feature of your Product/Service can be beneficial for them.

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