16 Nov 2015


16 Nov 2015



#1: Analytics and Statistics
Keep in mind that whenever you forward an email to a list by yourself, you have no way of knowing how many people actually received your email, let alone how many opted to open it. Our email marketing service has some specific and sophisticated tools to help anyone track how many emails were received in inboxes and how many are actually opened. With these set of tools in place, you can even determine who opened and who clicked through and what was it that they clicked. In addition, you will still get some analysis on unsubscribes, bounces, and formal spam complaints or reports as well. These information is what you need to know before making your next move. It will help you increase accuracy, response open and click through rates.

#2: A/B Testing Functionality
Our newsletter service allow you to test out multiple subject lines in order to find the most successful ones. For instance, you can choose to set two separate subject lines on a randomly select sample (in this case, 10%) of your entire mailing list. What this system does is to randomly compare the open rates and then send the email with the preferred subject line to the rest of your list.

#3: Email Format Handling Functionality
Our service does verify that your email complies with accepted standards and will always display correctly across all modern computers, web browsers, and email systems platforms. It also help to ensure that your email conforms to the size requirements enforced by many email systems without having to sacrifice the higher response rates that comes with HTML-Email that are graphic rich in contents.

#4: Email List Management
We are able to host and manage your list. This service can manage unsubscribe requests and bounce-backs from target recipients whose email addresses are no longer functional. It requires some experience and training to make a powerful and catchy headline that will prompt users to take action and open your email instead of sending it straight to the trash can without even looking at it. This is the services we will be providing you with if you want to experience a change and a difference in your Email marketing business.

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