15 Nov 2015


15 Nov 2015



#1: Define Your Target
It’s very crucial to go into an email content strategy with some clearly defined goals. If your aim is to make sales from a specific product, or you just want to grow your existing email list? Then the more specific and detailed you can be, the better. Once you have your goals set in place, you can easily build your content around and accomplishing them.

#2: Target Your Message
One good practice for your email list strategy is to have a good email list that is well organized and properly segmented, thereby giving you the freedom to manage your messages to the most appropriate and relevant audience. A generic mass mailing will definitely result in very low open rate and click through rates.

#3: Test Your Content
Test running is something most email marketers usually ignore. No matter how sure you are about your brand or product, you must endeavor to test out different types and formats of content. In the end, the result you will get may surprise you.

#4: Balance Your Strategy
If you have a large email list, and you want to maintain the size and quantity of that list, then consider including non-promotional messages in your mailing strategy. This point may sound good, but the more appealing and interesting your contents are, the more likely your recipients are to open your email and the more likely you are to generate sales when you send them your offer or promotion. The ‘marketing secret’ here is that nobody wants to be ‘sold’ to, but everyone loves to get entertained. Therefore keep that at the back of your mind as you grow your list and develop great contents for the list.

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