15 Nov 2015


15 Nov 2015



Video Publishing = Distribute video to multiple sites (blogs, forums, portals, Facebook pages, etc.). With video publishing you have a greater chance of putting your videos across thousands of viewers from the whole of the globe! What is the most effective kind of video spreading?

On general websites, on specialized blogs or on video platforms? YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc., many people from all over the world know how powerful tool they are and the countless possibilities it gives when it comes to promote their own video.

It’s still useful to host your video on these platforms, but isn’t so effective as in past. YouTube is great, but we had to improve his power with a sinergy of other 49 video submission platforms. If you simply upload your video on Youtube there don’t guarantee you to get any view.

So what other video promotion sites are out there? In order to increase your popularity and efficiently promote your video on other hosts, we can publish it on high traffic thematic websites from any country. Please ask about their availability before order them.

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